Westside: This Stuff Is...


I don’t know why I’m posting this, but I just felt the need to say it. I’ve spent several years doing the same old bodybuilding routines, never very consistently (my best was 4 months on the 20-rep squat deal). I’ve seen pretty much jack for results, due to never being able to commit. Why? Because the same old crap just got BORING.

But Westside? I’ve been on a standard template for several weeks and I’m having an absolute blast. Maybe it’s the variety, maybe it’s setting PR’s on ME day (300 lb pin pull today…pathetic, I know, but it’s a PR)…but my motivation has never been higher.

I’m having fun training, rather than just grinding it out because I have to.

Anyway, thanks for reading a pointless post.

I completely agree.

I suck at every lift weight-wise, but I’m still having a blast on WS4SB.

I hit a 235lbs squat for three reps on Friday. It was the most I’ve ever squatted, and I was fucking ecstatic when I left the weight room.

Hell, any program where I can see results makes me fucking happy and eager to go back to the weight room. Westside (although I cannot do it do to having to do the football workout at my school) seems to give a lot of improvement that would have me coming back for more.