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Westside Templates


What exactly is the westside template? My understanding is 2xME days and 2xDE days, but what exactly does the dynamic effort entail? Basically, does anyone know any articles, OR websites that go through this and maybe offer some sample programs? Im interested in the concept but i dont know much about it, other than what is laid out in westside for skinny bastards. Thanks alot guys, always helpful.


go to the article library button on the left... then go to authors...then dave tate... then the eight keys articles


A PDF of the Westside would be another great tool for T-Members if it doesn't already exist.


The problem with this is that Westside is far from a cookie-cutter program. It is made for you to tweak and individualize it. Use what works for you and discard what doesn't.

That being said, Elite does sell a "Training Templates" manual. It outlines several programs geared for different situations and goals. I may have it uploaded somewhere on my computer; I will look.

Guacamole rocks,


They also sell a beginners manual.
It has a twelve week program in it. I am only on week two right now and am pretty new to using Westside but so far I really like it.