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Westside Sucks

Ok, I admit, I said that to get attention, but I do have a serious question about Westside. I started out with a general bodybuilding plan and gained 60lb of mass in 2 years. Then when strength and functionality became a more important than how I looked naked, I started to train Westside style. I was using bands and chains doing the whole shabang as closely as I could to Dave Tate’s and the rest of Elite’s suggestions. I made tremendous gains in strength, and was satisfied, but I’m an actor and I didn’t want to get type casted and pigeonhole myself. So I stopped it and reverted to a strength\bodybuilding approach. I then noticed that my chest, traps, and entire legs were huge and strong, while my shoulders, arms, and lats were CONSIDERABLY smaller and weaker. So I would appreciate any suggestions from someone who suffers or did suffer from a severe muscular imbalance, because I have a lot of neck and jaw pain and feel lik my shoulders are rounded and I walk jutting my chest out. I do realize that I was most likley performing my westside routine incorrectly, and am fully admiting to my fault. I do extensive body alignment and yoga for my acting career. I’m currently on Christian’s shoulder overhaul, attempting to correct my imbalance. Any other

An actor huh? Have you appeared in anything notable?

I’m studying to be an actor in college, but that’s not the question. The fact is it if I got too big I wouldn’t get work as an actor. So I’m trying to create symmetry.

If you feel like you round your shoulders your rotator cuff could be a weak point. That is part of westsides supplemental lifts so you may want to try more external rotations.

Oh and dont forget the old saying, “If you worry about getting “too big” - don’t because you never will.”