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Westside Structure


Hey Guys, Had a question

This is just for future reference, and persoanl interest.

Does this look like westside's standard template?

*Work up to a max
*Use repitition methid for the whole upper body

*Work up to a max
*Use Rep Method for the whole lower body

*Explosive Lifts
* Rep Method for the whole upper

*Explosive Lifts
*Rep Method for the whole lower

*Rep method-Supplemental Exercises?

I read somewhere how people just use a
1) Max Effort Day
2) Dynamic Day
3) Structural Day

Isnt this similar to how Joe DeFranco Sets up his Westside?

Aren't those 3 principles, the base of the westside conjugate system? I guess you can tailor it to your specific need.


Even though the lifters who train at Westside barbell change the workouts alot to fit their needs, the general template is much specific than what you wrote, as is DeFranco's variation.

Just read the articles by Dave Tate titled The Periodization Bible, Part I, and II, and The Eight Keys, Part I, II, III, and IV. It is all there. Those are under Dave Tate's section on this site and in the T-Mag Section of the Elite Fitness Systems site.


Hey, Thanks for your help.

Would you mind elaborating on that? (more specific)

I thought that was their structure?



If you read the articles he mentioned you should have a VERY good understanding of the west side templete. If you read them and don't have a great understanding read them again (seriously, I know I'm not the only one who has read those articles many times)

after you have read those articles there is a much less detailed break down of the standard templete by Jim Wendler on Elitefts


That is their structure, but there's much more to the program than just that. Hit the search button the the T-Nation website and look em up.