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Westside/ Strongman Training


Hey all,

Hopeing someone can give me some input on programme. Have been using westside template for around 8 weeks now with massive gains in strength but would now like to add in some strongman training. How do you think this would work?

Mon: ME Lower
Tue: Gpp Circuits
Wed: ME upper
Thur: DE allround
Fri: off
Sat: Strongman training
Sun: off

Am using Alwyn Cosgroves "metabolic power training" template for circuits as I still want to have a reasonable level of endurance.

For DE day ill do Box squats 6 x 2, bench 8 x 3 and power snatch 3 x 3 aswell as some assistance exercises.

For Strongman day Im using:

Rope pulls(tire with concrete block on top) 3 x 15m, 2mins between
Sled drags ? Forward, Backward 2 x forward, 2 x backward 2 min between drags
Med ball throws backwards ? For ? Height, Distance 5 x height 5 x distance 1 min between reps, 3-4 mins between sets.
Sledgehammer work ? Diagonal, Horizontal swings 4 x 1 min with 1 min between sets.

Would like to use tire flips but cant get a tire heavy enough(400lbs+)where I live.

Im not actually training for any sporting event at the moment, as ive just recently stopped playing rugby and wont be doing any sport specific training. If anyone has any ideas on changing or fixing some aspect of the program, would be much appreciated.