Westside spliti

Would it be okay do do westside Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri? Something like ME Squat/DE Bench/DE Squat/ME Bench?

I’m doing it mon/weds/fri at the moment, as I work all weekend so I don’t have time to go to the gym.


i would split it over 14 days instead

monday - max effort squat

wensdasy- max effort bench

friday - dyanmic squat

monday - dyanmic bench

wensday -max effort squat

friday - max effort bench

monday - dyanmic squat

and so so on and so on…there are actually some real westside members who have gone to this split latelty for better recovery porpouses…big martin

Done that quite a few times after a hard rugby session on saturday left me sore on sunday so made up for it down the week.

wouldn’t recommend it as a alternative solution for good though, made me very tired.


This split has been done pretty effectively:

Mon - DE bench

Tues - ME squat

Thurs - ME bench

Fri - DE squat

I don’t get it. Are you asking if you can do a westside 4 day split instead of the 3 day you do now? Most people do a 4 day split mon tue thur fri…

Actually I think most people do something like mon/weds/fri/sun, at least that’s what Dave Tate recommends in the eight keys.

He says if you only have time to workout 3 times a week then mon/weds/fri/mon is fine, but in my case it’s just not being able to workout at weekends.

Thanks Ben, I’ll give that a shot.


Thats the split I have been working for 8 weeks and it’s been working good for me. (the Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri)

I also throw in Wed for Rotator Cuff and light Shoulder work but I take the weekend off.