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Westside: Special Strength Video


Hi Guys,
I'm new to training westside style. I usually concentrate on the Olympic lifts. However after reading about the style for a couple of years I finally bit the bullet and bougth a couple of the videos (Reactive strength and Special Strength) and some mini and average bands. Anyway, getting to my question on the Special strength video the guys are heavy box squating with belts on and sqats suits/shorts on (not over the shoulders). Louie mentions that athletes should be using the shorts for trianing as to protect the hips/groin. I was wondering if those of you here on 'westside' train with them on, or train raw? And the benefits of them.

Hope it makes sense.



I have trained raw and learned and am still learning the hard way that Louie is right and he is always right. Order a suit. They are only 42 dollars for a single ply suit. Thats what ive been using for a while. If you arent going to use the suit then i would move my stance in some and squat off a higher box. go do a search at elite for hip or groin pain and you will see about a thousand people who have wrote in to say that Louie and Dave were right and that they needed to train in a suit. Trust me on this one. Its not worth it and your speed nor your strength will not suffer because of the suit.


Goldberg, how about squat briefs compared to a squat suit for training?


how come his speed and strength will not suffer? wouldnt the motor patern (i.e muscles recruited, order of,intensity of neuron firing etc) change and be less applicable to playing sports?

and from what weight should one use this briefs?



Equipment, especially straps down suits or briefs, does not help as much as one thinks. It also does not change the movement any at all. If you dont want to trust me, fine. Just be sure you have a qualified ART guy handy. Im not kidding about this. My speed or strength has no suffered at all. You arent wearing a super tight double ply suit on this day. This is a looser older suit. Its main role is support, not helping you lift more weight.

Also ive never trained in pure briefs. I just ordered double ply briefs that should be here next week.


Well, I'm going to start squatting in briefs during training. I'll let you know if I fall apart. I just ordered them yesterday.