Westside + Shoulders?

My training partner has been seeing awesome results from the westside template we have been doing, but wants to lean toward developing his shoulders. He’s only available to work out three times a week, and I don’t want to bastardize CT’s HSS-100 Shoulder Specialization.

Does anyone think it would be wise to try to focus more on the shoulders? Or, have any suggestions on how to do this properly? I’m hesitant to have him switch, as I think he should wait until his progress stalls.


Add some shoulder work in, maybe as a second movement on upper body days. If his shoulders are weak and need to be brought up, why not train them?

I know that it has been said that overhead work is not need or might even be too much on westside, but this statement is coming from guys that are already huge and have a lot of training exerience. I believe that shoulder work is pretty much a necessity for a newer less experienced lifter.

I like mattwary suggestion. I even use it myself. I like using dbs for overhead or incline as my second exercise.

alrite, thanks for the input guys!