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Westside Seminar tapes

Well, I finally ordered my westside seminar tapes, and got them in on monday. I’ve already watched each one of the four tapes 4 times. By the third and fourth time, I had a tablet full of notes. I thoroughly enjoyed them. However, before I start westside I still want to see the Louie Simmons Westside package tapes. Unfortunately, since I’m a college student, I’m probably not going to be able to afford spending close to $350 for videos. That’s damn near close to a month’s work. So, I’m selling these tapes for $100, shipping included. They are brand new, only watched 4 times, still in the box with the manual. I’d also be willing to trade thse tapes for anyone who has the louie simmons package. I’m looking to also buy that package or any other videos from westside. Thanks.

Dude, I have both the Seminar Tapes and Louie’s package. Both are OUTSTANDING. But don’t wait to start training. The seminar videos have everything you need to get started. Definitely try to get your hands on Louie’s tapes, but don’t wait to get started. You are wasting some serious time that you could be getting stronger.