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Westside seminar tapes???

I was looking over at elite fitness, and notcied thwe westside seminar tapes are on sale for $124. I’ve been doing 5x5 for almost a year now, and I’m about ready to switch to westside. I’ve read every westside article at t-mag and elitefitness atleast 3 times… I’ve also been following the logs. My question is, are the videos going to help out? Is it worth my money? Remember, I’m just a college student…

i think everyone needs to watch the videos before they start westside…they really dive into the small details that cant be understood by the articles…bm

Definintely get these videos. One of the best investments I have made. Just like Big Martin said, they show a lot of the smaller details that don’t come across in articles. Especially with how to perform the exercises. You can read about box squats all you want, but it helps to see people doing them. Plus a lot of the assistance work is on the videos and it is great to see how the exercises are performed. Buy these videos!

so how about the seminar tapes vs vs the WestSide Package for $199? for someone wanting to learn the style which is better?

how is the quality on these videos? id probably be all over it if it was dvd.

I just ordered Louie’s package (the $200 one) and haven’t gotten it yet. From what I understand, one video is for squat, one for bench, and one for deadlift, then there is the bench press workout video and the squat workout video in which they actually have taped workouts at westside. I imagine if techniques are your only concern, Louie’s vid’s would be the way to go. I really enjoyed the seminar videos though, and it was cool hearing Tate talk about what is behind the methods and such. PLUS, there is an added video with the seminar series, it is Dave interviewing Louie. That video alone is worth getting the seminar package. I am sure you would learn a ton from either video packages.

i have all the work out tapes and the 2 best are the squat workout and the special strengths video…the bench video is outdated…bm

Special strengths and the seminar video are my favorites.

If you are new get the seminar video, it has a section devoted to teaching various WSB lifts, like the box squat. It is great cuz you can learn from others mistakes. It also covers some of the theory and includes a booklet with articles in it and all of the slides in the video presentation.

Yes its worth the money, you will learn a lot! Anything written or filmed by Simmons is worth purchasing, same can be said about CT.

The special strengths and reactive video are the best.

So for a beginner, someone who has only read articles on westside, the seminar tapes would be the best bet? Then after a year or so of doing westside, the louie simmon’s tape package and some of the others would be beneficial?

Start with the seminar

Then move on. I got the most from the special sterngths video, but for a beginner the seminar is the best.