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Westside Scheduling


I'm new to the Westside stuff and a couple of things confuse me...is this an example of the schedule they use? Also I understand how the workouts are structured on DE days...but what, other than my ME lift for the day, do I do on ME days? Thanks!

Wed DE Upper
Thurs DE Lower
Fri Off
Sat ME Upper
Sun ME Lower
Mon Off
Tues Off


the days are set up similar, it will look something like this:
Dynamic sq- 8 sets 2
hamstrings(glute ham raises, rdl's sldl's dimels, etc.)
low back( 45 degree back extensiosn, reverse hypers, etc)
max effort day
pick a core movement and work up to a 1 or 3 rep max( vary between differnt types of box squats deads or good mornings) switch often
then follow up just like the dynamic day.


thanks buddy.


i think the schedule is more spread out over the week, something like this

sunday-me upper
monday-de lower
wednesday-de upper
friday-me lower

i think this split gives your cns more time to recover but i know of people who do a m-t-r-f split and works out good for them

also depending on your goals or if you're playing for a sport you want to add some single limb movements.

good luck


That was the only thing I was thinking-max effort back to back might be rough. I like throwing DE days in between them.


It really doesn't matter how you set the days up as long as you get 72 hours between Me and De days of the same movements.