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Westside Rule of Three

I purchased the Westside Rule of 3 course from Westside Barbell Club. I’ve gone through all the books and am getting ready to do the exam. I googled and exam review for the course and nothing came up, I contacted westside and they said they don’t have an exam review for that course, I left a post on Westsides facebook page with no response. I am starting to think I am the only person in the world who has purchased this. Just wondering if anyone out there has done the course and what they did. Thanks.

Sounds like you got robbed. How much did you pay?

  1. Which is ok because there is like 7 books and 2 DVDs but I am just amazed that no one on earth has heard of this or done it.

It must be new. I know there is a “WSBB certification” of some sort, but I have only ever heard of one guy who has it.

What is the rule of three?

It"s for training kids. It’s actually interesting information, and I’m not mad about having paid the money or anything like that. I’m just astonished that there seems to be no one on earth that has heard of this. And trying to prepare for an exam on a course with 7 different books by 4 different authors is a bit hectic.

Probably because outside of Powerlifting circles…Westside certification doesn’t have allot of clout in the real world .

I would agree with that. However, there is actually some really interesting things that I have read in these books and it seems like a shame that there is no one out there to discuss this with. As much as there is an exam and you get a piece of paper I am also interested in things that someone might have found useful in practice.

I think your biggest issue here as to why you can’t really find answers is because the majority of the powerlifting Community either never heard of west side or they heard of west side and they were told to stay away from it because it’s only for geared lifters. Which is a crock of bullshit. I know a few raw powerlifters that applied Westside into their training and they made incredible gains and they’re actually much more smarter than the average we had powerlifter that you meet in the gym. To each his own but I guess

I’ve taken and passed the westside cert. It’s the hardest test I’ve ever taken in my life. (I have a masters in physiology, passed the CSCS, and have about a million specialty certs).

Whatever you’ve studied, study more of it.