Westside Raw

Yes, that’s right I’ve decided to do my first meet raw…I just can’t get the hang of a bench shirt and all that shit right now. Further, it is just more my style to be “raw”

Don’t try to change my mind right now either…

Anybody have any good tips for raw lifters? Any different protocols for raw lifters in general??

greek likes it raw! i like the decision bro.

OooOoOoo baby i like it raw
OoooOO baby i like it RaawwwWWWwww

– Ol` dirty bastard

i got nothing against powerlifters/the sport at all, but im with you on going raw. i really dont get why bench shirts/squat suits are acceptable. in fact i’d like to know why they are even allowed? :slight_smile:

Hey Philos, this is from another Greco T-man. Good decision my man, I always respect the RAW move, even if no names are taken, it still is a lot of courage and heart at work far as I’m concerned.

As for advice, same you’d give to a woman: stay tight.

Keep your core and whole body TIGHT, bro. Some of the best technique/reads is Pavel Tsatsouline’s work, spec. some writings from T-mag, and Muscle Media but definitely his book, Power to the People. In fact, run to Barnes & Noble and get a copy, and don’t even think of entering that meet until you’ve read it cover to cover. Also, a chiropractor and competitve powerlifter I’ve been to in the D.C. area named Steven Horwitz has good advice- check out his site www.youcanbefit.com and check the powerlifting section to see what he’s got. He’s RAW masters and submasters champ, and as you’ll see from his credential list, he’s been to Westside, Polliquin seminars, etc.

Also, pay a lot of attention to stabilizing work, external rotation, rotator cuff work, like Eric Cressey’s programs on T-Mag, Beaucoup core work, neck work, and reverse hypers. These supplementary piecemeal exercises are essential when going raw, as the robogear masks their weakness/involvement.

Good Luck!! Stay Strong

Greekdawg - I’m planning to do my first meet raw as well. Mainly because I don’t have any equipment and I just want to get into competing.

I’m going to be using a belt but that will be it.

When is your meet going to be then Greekdawg…? Where do you think your numbers will be?


Are you going to compete in a raw meet, or an equipped one?

Ever hear the old joke about bringing a knife to a gunfight?