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Westside Question

How many ME lifts do you tend to cycle before you repeat the same ME lift again?

So I just did bench and will do three other ME lifts for upper body then cycle back to bench. Is that too soon? As a side notte I am doing this to get bigger/stronger but will not be competing in powerlifting or anything.

The general idea seems to be 3 weeks initially, coming down to 2 and eventually 1 week cycle, as needed to keep making PRs.

Go to the source for the real info though: www.elitefts.com

in my opinion i think even beginers can switch every week…i think its best to have schedule as there is so many great moves u can use…so u can do a 3 week schedule for your bench liek this…week 1 2 board press…week 2 reverse band press…week 3 foam press…week 4 take a rep week or a deload week…rb

let me restate, how many other exercises do you do till you go back to the original ME lift?

I am currently trying this:
week 1&2: Floor Press (24in grip) for 1or2 sets of 3reps.
week 3&4: 3inch Board press (20in grip)for 1or2 sets of 3reps.
week 5&6: Floor Press (24in grip) for 1or2 sets of 3reps.
week 7&8: 3inch Board press (20in grip)for 1or2 sets of 3reps.
Week 9: Bench Press 1 set of 3 (3RM)
Week 10: Bench Press 1 set of 1 (1RM)
Then I may try again, then possibly try different ME for a similar protocol.

Old Dax

Thanks for the info guys I looked around the westside barbell site and read up on it a little more than I did initally.

For more advanced trainers you should change the ME lift every week. Looking at my poundages, I am clearly not there so I will stick with every 3 weeks for the next 6 months or so.

I think I will slip in 4 different ME lifts before going back to the original for now and see how it goes.

I use floor presses, 2, 3 and 4 board presses, close grips, comp. style, and rack lockouts… it takes quite a while to get back to where I started especially since I do each one for two weeks minimum.

There are so many different MEB movements to choose from that I am not on a true rotation. I just try to always do the movement that I haven’t n the longest amount of time. Typically I will end up doing a movement every 4-6weeks. It also depends on how close I am to a competition and what weaknesses I am focusing on at that time.


Do you change MEB lifts then every week? How often would you change if lets say you didn’t have a meet for a full 6 months?

I do a different MEB main movement every week and do my accessory work in 3-4 cycles.

Actually that answers another question I had. Thanks for the info.

I have always rotated every week. Mainly just cause I like variety. I have been using floor press, 2 board, incline or decline…sometimes I throw in zero momentum.


Typically, how much does your strength increase in a lift after you have tried something else then gone back to it?

So if you do bench then 5 other exercises then back to bench how much does your bench go up? I realize this depends on a number of factors.