Westside Question

I’ve been reading up on westside training and it seems very good. My question is if westside is any good for a beginner (i.e. someone with low numbers)? Thank You

There is a good article here that might help you sort this out for yourself.

Read Dave Tate’s 8 keys and it outlines a beginner program for someone new to Westside.

Just out of curiosity what is your height/weight and numbers on squat/bench/deadlift? I think westside will help no matter where you are currently. Just follow Dave Tate’s advice and wait to use any contrast training. I did and I gained 200 pounds on my total in 8 weeks. (Granted it’s a garage total but it means something to me. That’s 45 lbs. on bench, 70 on squat, and 85 on deadlift. Best progress I ever made after 5 plus years of training.) I’m looking to add chains/bands now as my progress is slowing baut at 260 lbs. I have much to gain yet. Good luck on your training. Westside kicks ass for strength and mass!

As a trainer who follows Westside’s approach I have had great success with beginners or those that are not very strong yet.