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Westside question

When training the bench raw with westside do i need to do more full ROM exercises? Like maybe go pin press, decline bench, board press, incline bench for max effort movements. I know the westsiders that use shirts only train full range of motion for max effort movements every once in a while. Help please?

I would say that the choice of exercises for your bench ME or DE sessions would depend on where your weak point is in the bench.

Read Dave Tate’s “Eight Keys”. That should help you.

yes use more full-range ME movements

I have been using Westside protocols for training; and I train raw.

My weak point is off the chest. Therefore, my issue is front delts, lats and speed. I’ve really been working on DE days - I need to develop explosive speed at the chest. On either ME or DE days I’ll work on rows, flat bench, incline DB presses…you can see this all in my training log. And we work with bands.

Ko’s (my BF) weak point is midway up. He needs to work on his tricep power - he has pleny of explosive strength, but once it hits midway he taps out. We’ll be working on floor presses and benching off of pins. And we will be using board presses.

I’m just posting this info just to give you an idea that what you do in your WE training depends upon your weak spot.

Oh, and everyone should remember those excellent threads begun by char-dawg in Training: Westside Questions.

Try using full-range bench, for 5-8 reps, as an assistance exercise after your max effort movement every once in awhile.

Westside is all about training your weak spots. If you are strong off the chest, and dont miss a bench till lockout, then doing more full ROM movements won’t help you all that much.

On the same token… if you are weak off the bottom, more full ROM movements are probably what you need.

Listen to your body.

Do a rotation of bench work. i.e.
Week 1: full range,
Week 2: Partial (board presses),
Week 3: Semi/Full Range (Floor press, reverse band press),
Week 4: Partial,
Week 5: Full range,
Week 6: Partial,
Week 7: Semi/Full Range

Hit your weak points accordingly, rotate appropriately, and hit your weak muscles w/ your supplemental and accessory work. Good luck.