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Westside question

On the speed day for Bench, is the press always supposed to be the standard bench press? Would doing explosive reps in a different lift (such as Inc close grip bench press) carry over, or is the explosive training pretty lift specific?

I’m not a WSB expert but I’d wager that if you’re simply looking to improve general pressing strength, inclines or other variations would be fine. However, if you are training for PL, the speed sets serve as technical form training since you shouldn’t be doing any other flat benching outside of the meets.

On speed day for the bench press, the bench is always done. This is for you to work on your form as well as develop explosive power. Save the variations for Max Effort Day.

Tur, I have been using the Westside training routines for the past 3 months or so. As the other guys mentioned, on the dynamic bench day, the typical bench press is always used. I have both of Louis’ tapes on benching and squatting. It is interesting that ALL assistance work is done explosively in the concentric portion of the lift. Hardly ever any slow, controlled concentrics. I have adapted this explosiveness on all lifts performed for the squat and bench, and my bench has increased quite quickly. I credit that to the explosive concentrics and the heavy tri, lat, shoulder, leg assistance work. Get the tapes if you are into it. If you want to get STRONG, this is the way. Good Luck!