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i rotate my ME exercise every 2 weeks. My ME Squat rotations are... sumo dead, low hassock squat, zercher, and parralel box squat, (occasionally good mornings depending how my back feels)

the last 2 weeks ive blown away my paralel box squat PR, 15kg first week, and an extra 30kg on top of last weeks PR today. and it felt easy, only thing stopping me from going even heavier was the fact id been squatting for around 40minutes and there was a line up to acess the rack for curl....

anyway heres my question... i felt very strong and may have an extra 10 - 15kg in me, should i extend my usual 2 week rotation to a 3 week roattion in thi scase? or just swap exercise regardless and come back to it again in 6-8 weeks? and attack a weaker area in the meantime

im getting so close to 300kg, but im starting to think that maybe im jumping a little too quick

any thoughts?

thanks in advance.


When you do your parrellel box squats for max effort work what stance do you use...???....big m


med to wide stance, hassock squats i go close stance


I have read that if you have an extra PR in you the following week then go for it. So I'd say try it


becarefull of overtraining your hips..they can get beat up very easily and the risk of injury goes up big time wide stance squating 2 times a week....i would still do this movement with a close stance...just change it from the hassock squat by adding a pad or taped towel towel to the bar to add some kind off contrast....big m


big martin,

why would you squat narrow to med. stnace at all?

Further, why is there a risk for injury as you say, when one day is dynamic (light weight) and that leaves only one really heavy day (max effort)?


Greekdawg...to me the dynamic day isnt light its not supposed to be light and easy... it is by far my hardest day....At top on dyanmic day i routinely take out over 80-100% of my CONTEST MAX with all the band tension...even though my bar weight may be low depending on what i am working on the band tensions makes up for it and actually creates such a stretch reflex out of the bottom with the band tension its much harder on the body than straight weight...espicially the hips...the close stance on max effort day with diffirent bars and box heights are to bring up the lower back and we use the box to include the hammies more it also gives a huge needded break to the hips and allows one to build up the whole leg...thats why it is sometimes good to wear work boots on max effort squat day....just because the competition stance is wide dosent mean the whole leg dosent need to be trained...big m


add a pad to the bar???

lol, like a fitness centre type of pad?


yeap....i know it looks gay but it changes the bar positioning and creates a diffirent squat leverage...this acts in turn like a safety squat bar or camberd squat bar by changing leverages and pushing you foreward forcing it harder to keep a arch...this is what you should do if you dont have a ss bar, cam bar, or manta ray....use a towel if you want to the thicker the better .....you really want to change the leverage and where the bar sits on the back....i thought the same thing when dave tate told me to do this a few years ago at his seminar...but it works and gives you a diffirent fell and movement on max effort day...

also i thought this was interesting the day i awnswerd this question they have a question identical to this at elitefitness and jl awnswerd it ill copy and paste it here...it say exactly what i told u guys about the hips and max effort stance....

neal o'connor

In jim Wendler's EFS article of 12-03 - a question of strength - he says on ME day if squatting use only a narrow stance - why? Do you still use suit with straps down? If you do ME day narrow, and DE day wider than where you want to tbe at a meet, how do you geet your stance correct at a meet?


Train wide for a couple of weeks on ME day and you'll realize why you go narrow. I did it when I first started and my hips got so sore I couldn't barely squat on fridays. You need to give your hips a little break. We always use briefs or suit w/straps down on friday and sometimes on monday depending on what exercise you are doing and how your hips feel. At a meet you take your box squat stance in one foot placement. You can't go quite as wide without a box. I'm going to take a weight in full gear every 5th week to get used to my suit. I think this will elliminate any problems at the meet.


cheers for clearing that up BM.

the reason i was doing them med/wide was that it was allowing me to use much more weight than i can handle in a reg squat, conditioning me to be used to larger loads on my shoulders...

does this thinking have any merit? or should i stick to ME exercises that use a lower poundage than my reg squat?


The max effort moveemnts will probally be no where close to your wide stance suited competition squat weight wise...like for example my safety squat bar 12 inch box squat is a real good indicator of where my squat is....i have found that if i can get it to 500-525 region then my competition squat is close to 700...ill estimate my contest squat at around 700 and show you where my max effort movements are weight wise currently...
700 comp sq
475-500 ss bar 12 inch bx squat...this usually moves around 500-525 as my squat nears competition level...
camberd bar good morning squat 455x3 or so...i have dopne 500 with a regualr bar i need a lot more practice with the camberd bar..
ss bar suspended gm 425x3 ...this needs ot be around 450-500 or so....

as you can see i am now where close to my max compettion squat on any of these moves....big martin