Westside Progress

I’m not usually one to post my progress online but after reading the rule of 5, and having that great workout last night, I thought I would.

Brief background: In Dec. I went in for x-rays and a bone scan because my lower back was hurting and found out that I had stress fractures in two or three of my lower vertebrae. I could not do too much for several months, but since my time off, I decided to start Westside training. The only supplements I’m taking are protein and fats of course but also Power Drive and HOT-ROX Extreme. I just recently purchased the Westside Training for Beginners manual and started following that recently.

Anyway, last night was ME squat. I did a low box squat (2’’ below parallel) with a narrow stance. The goal was a 5rep max and I started the weight at 135 and added weight from there. I was able to work up to 305 for 5 good reps. Not being able to lift for a while, I was extremely happy with how my strength has gone up on Westside training! (Btw I am about 180lbs)

Another shocker last night was my training partner! I train with my g/f and she too is following Westside. Previously she would only squat the bar for several reps. On the low box squat last night, she started out with the bar and was able to work her way up to 115, only stopping because the bar was starting to agitate her shoulder. Now she weighs only 103 so I was very happy with her progress and determination.

I’ll keep y’all posted on our progress and hopefully get some pics up soon!

Just out of curiousity, how did you hurt your back and how much did it hurt?

I hurt it more or less through over use. I row so I put constant pressure on it everyday. It didn’t hurt too bad, it was just that nothing I tried to do to make it better was working. It would give out every once in a while so finally I yelled at the Dr. enough that he took X-rays and was like “oh… I guess you did hurt it.” The dumbass kept telling me “everyones’ back hurts, its nothing.”

Question for those of us who train after work (at night), when do you perfer to eat dinner after training or an hour or so before?