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westside programs

Anyone know how i can design a westside style program for three days a week? I was thinking of only concentrating on one lift for a period of 8 weeks, and then switching to another for 8, and so on. this way i can do a ME and a DE day, otherwise i don’t see how i can do ME and DE days for all three lifts, spaced out 72 hours, on a three day a week program.

What I would do is stick with a regular westside program and just rotate through the 4 days. So if you’re lifting MWF go with ME squat on Monday, ME Bench on Wed, and DE squat on Friday. Then the following Monday do your DE bench, and start over on Wednesday. I think this would be much more effective that concentrating on one lift for 8 weeks…while the rest of your lifts suffer.

my workout partners and i are currently doing the westside side workout 3 days a week. whatever we do the 4th workout the next week. we do some other heavy training one day a week like strongman or just more weights. i get in some extra workouts during the week and its worked fine for the past 4 weeks.

I agree with the above post. Spending 8 weeks on a lift and then not doing it for another 8 weeks is too counterproductive. Just rotate through as normal, but only 3 days a week.