westside program

It doesn’t seem to have enough exercises for each body part.The back seems to have only two exercises for it and the bicep one.I always thought that you should atleast work 8-12 sets per body part using three different exercises to create growth and stength.How am i going to get bigger and stonger biceps by only doing 3-4 sets for it a week?

Holy sh!t, did someone really just ask this? Wow… just… wow.

Yes, you’re right! Westside is woefully inadequate not only for giving you bigger biceps, but for making you stronger as well. I doubt a program like this would work for anyone! Hell, it’s not like it has any kind of proven track record.

By the way, have you ever seen the guys who lift at westside? A bunch of skinny punks! Maybe you should drop 'em a line and set them straight. CLEARLY they don’t do enough sets per ‘muscle group’ as you said…I’m sure they’d be glad to hear your suggestions…

How’s that 8-12 sets deal working out for you anyway? My only advice is this; be very careful how you phrase your comments and questions, especially when you venture into an area in which you have no knowledge whatsoever. If you only knew how foolish your question makes you appear.

On both “Speed BP” day and upper-body “max effort” day, include a warmup set and four work sets of 4-10 reps for the biceps. On one of those days, make it four sets of weighted, underhand pullups, to work the lats also. That’s 8 hard sets per week, with enough weight so that the last rep of each set will force you to push your eyeballs back into their sockets. That may not make you Mr. Olympia, but, eventually, it may make your biceps stronger than Mr. Olympia’s. Westside training methods were designed for strength, not for show.
Strength & courage,
“Coach Joe”


westside isnt for bodybuilding…and just look at the size of those guys and the numbers they are pushings, but hey maybe theyre wrong…

lol…thats funny…bm

I can never seem to stick with a program for very long, but in my five years of training, westside or whatever, I would guess that I only do isloted bicep excersises twice a month for a total of 6-8 sets. And I actually wish my arms were smaller because they are really the only part of my body that I get constant compliments on. They’re actually to big for my body. In my opinion, well for me and my type anyway, arm work is overrated, with the slight exception to tri’s. You get most of what you need from compound movemoents. I actually went 6 months without training my arms directlt at all and didn’t lose a micrometer.


Grasshopper, you have a lot to learn!!!


The whole point of westside is that nothing is set in stone. You can modify and change it as you wish to make it your own. Add as many bicep exercises as you wish. If you want to do more back then do more. Nobody’s stopping you.

Big bi’s are a dime a dozen, I see’m all the time…but how many press 600lbs or squat near 1000?

Come on, give the guy a break, he’s trying to learn.
Westside training is not for bodybuilders, it’s for powerlifters. Since biceps aren’t going to help that much in any of the 3 powerlifts, little attention is payed to them. You seem like your goals are to look better, so westside poerlifting training might not be the best way to go. Search for some bodybuilding programs on this site. Keep asking questions, just try to do a little bit of research first.

Geez, I caught less slack than this when I started a similar thread…

Should point out that to a degree WS principles can be used very effectively for bodybuilding/aesthetic purposes.