Westside Program Mon/Tue-Thurs/Fri?

Hey guys sorry if this has already been answered! But I have trouble getting to the gym on wednesdays. and am use to lifting mon/tue - thrus/fri. Im starting the westside template next week and was wondering if anyone uses these days instead of the mon-wed-fri-sunday approach? I appreciate any feedback, and what would the weakness be doing the lifts on mon/tue etc. Im a drug free lifter so i figure it would cut into my restoration work?

thanks guys

I use Sun ME Lower, Mon ME upper, Wed DE Lower, Fri Log Press (upper body work too). Works pretty good.

I just started too, and had to move around uni. Can’t do Wednesdays either. What I do is move the schedule back one day to Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. There could be a good reason not to, but it’s still workable.

I don’t think you’ll have problems with that schedule, the most important point being to have at least 48-72 hours between ME and DE days for bench and for SQ/DL independently from each other (not sure if I’m being clear). Something like that for instance :

M ME Lower
T ME Upper
T DE Lower
F DE Upper

That’s what I would do if I couldn’t train on wednesdays and during the week end. You only mentioned you couldn’t train on wednesdays though so you may want to train on Saturday instead of Friday :

M DE Lower
T DE Upper
T ME Lower
S ME Upper

The advantage here is you have a day off between the 2 ME workouts which can help mentally especially during the intensification phase. If you can’t train on saturday you’ll be fine with option 1 even as a “drug free lifter” (pretty much all of us here are drug free I’d say).

No matter what you choose if you intend to use the conjugate method you should understand the system and read as much as you can about it. The Westside Method thread here on tnation is a great source of information aswell.

Thanks for the replies guys! @Kraky I’m reading the westside barbell book of methods! thanks alot brother

if i did mon, tues, thurs, fri i would do:

mon - ME upper
tues - DE lower
thur - DE upper
fri - ME lower

that is the same order as what westside does. i dont really see an issue pushing ME lower right next to DE upper. you shouldnt be that wiped out.

I would normally train those days when I would do a Westside cycle, it shouldn’t be a problem. Personally I would do
Mon - DE Lower
Tues - ME Upper
Thurs - ME Lower
Fri - DE Upper

I liked that because it was an easy transition for the precomp week, just move Fri to Tues and rest the rest of the week. But pretty much any set up should work that alternates the upper and lower workouts

Thanks alot for the considerations! it makes sense Im going to do

mon - DE upper
tue - ME lower

thrus - ME upper
fri - DE lower