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Westside/PLing Training Thread


I know quite a few people on this site train using the Westside/conjugated method and/or for powerlifting. It also seems there have been a large number of questions about setting up templates, etc, as of late.

I thought it would be cool to have a thread where people can post training logs (and PRs, of course), as well as ask questions concerning this style of training.

It is very helpful, for me anyway, to look at other lifters' training logs for new ideas. I am by no means an expert on this style of training, and I am not claiming to be. I am hoping to learn a ton from other lifters through this thread, and as a result get stronger.

I'll post my workout for today this evening to kick things off. Hopefully, there will already be some workouts and questions up here by then.



Sounds like a great idea Mr. Bear.

I just purchased the beginners manual from Dave Tate's company over at http://www.elitefts.com/ and I'm pretty exited. I was in the gym last night establishing a starting point for the program with max lifts and they were:

Deadlift: 380lbs

Bench: 315lbs

Squat: 385lbs

Now I realize that these lifts are pretty pathetic @ 260lbs, however I'm just getting back into lifting heavy. I'm hopefull to have these lifts up by mid june as there is a meet in Flint around that time I would like to enter in. I'd like to drop enough weight to compete in the 242 weight class.

I've also found a GREAT gym in the area that is patroned by powerlifters and is owned/operated by an old school lifter. The guy who owns it is 70 yrs old and still benched 500. The place had chalk all over the place, a big sign on the wall that said "no whining", kinda smalled, and has a dedicated deadlifting platform. It was awesome, I can't wait to start training there.

I'll post how things go on this thread as well.


bigflamer (I feel so wrong referring to someone in that way),

It's awesome that you've decided to be strong! If you put in the work, I'm sure you'll make great progress, especially with the gym you described.

I am dropping weight to get 190. I was 220-225 for a couple months, and now am down to 205. I basically just dropped carbs drastically, and had no real problems. My strength levels are still up (I've actually set a few PRs), and I have had plenty of energy. This is all while not getting much sleep, either, as I have 21 credits this semester.

I'll write down some more detailed things I've been doing to drop weight later when I have more time.



Here's my training log from when I started using a Westside inspired routine:


Sorry about having to wait 30 sec. to view it.
The file is in Microsoft Word and it looked bad when I coppied and pasted it.
This was the first file hosting site I found.


I've been doing WS4SB since Jan 31st.

Old Pr's
Good Morning 165 x 1
Back Squat 265 x 1
Incline Bench 175 x 1

New Pr's
Good Morning 205 x 3
Back Squat 295 x 1
Inlcline Bench 200 x 1

I've had some off days due to messing with the parameters or adding in extra workouts that were too strenuous but it's working really well.



Yea I think I've finally found the aproach to lifting that I really enjoy! Every other time in the past that I've been in the gym trying to "get in shape", it felt too much like a chore and I eventually dropped it. Now that I have specific goals and am now training to meet those goals, I'm more exited than ever.

Reminds me of what coach Staley has said in the past about focusing on specific performance goals and weight loss/fitness will follow. I'm sure now that I'm training hard and watching the bullshit carbs I shouldn't have too much trouble getting into the 242lb class while significantly increasing my strength. My goals for the upcoming meet are:

Squat: 500+

Bench: 400+

Deadlift: 450+ (I have alot of work to do on my grip strength)

Good thread man!!


Friday Training:

I should not have lifted today. I have been putting my deload week off, and it finally caught up to me today. My body felt good (nothing was hurting) but it didn't want to move any weight.

ME lower

Pin pulls from mid-shin:
135, 185, 225, to get warm

475x0, I gave up after about a half second.

Wide stance good mornings
225x5, after one set, I packed it in.

I will deload next week. Since my joints are feeling good, I may do ME work and cut all DE and most RE stuff.

Know when to hold em, know when to fold em,



Anyone have a typical deloading week?

What exercises, how much volume compared to your regular workouts...?

I think I'm about due for one, although after a while, when I get really drained and weak, I usually take a few extra days off (with some light cardio) and feel better for the most part.


Deload to Reload by Jim Wendler is a great article over at elite. It outlines several ways of deloading.

What I prefer to do is just have two max effort workouts, with one assistance exercise, and scrap everything else.

This is what I'm doing this week. My upper body workout will look like this

ME exercise
Row variation: 3 sets of 6-8

I like this method the best because I feel like volume drains me more than anything.



This is what I did in the gym today.

DE squat/deadlift

-10 minutes on the treadmill to get the blood moving and warm me up before stretching.

-Stretching. I like to hit the whole body but I focused on the lower body a little more since it was squat/dead day.

- 135x10
- Five sets of 185x3
- six sets of 225x3

- One set of 135x3
- Five sets of 225x1
- Five sets of 250x1

-Side crunches on the bench. I did two sets of 10 on each side.

-Incline situps with a 25lb plate. I did these for two sets of ten.

- Five sets of five @ 95lbs

- Ten reps with each leg w/45lb plate

All this was followed by a copious amount of stretching. I really felt good today, like I could have squated and pulled all day.

My good mornings need work, but I am really new to this movement and I'm working into it easy. Tommorow is DE bench and I'm looking forward to it.

Damn I felt good today! Life is good!!


Is it possible to implemet a westside template without using boxes to squat onto? (well obviously it's possible, but would it be effective?)


I just stack a bunch of plates up. I've also used a flat bench and the little stool (I don't know what this thing is for, but it seems to be in a lot of gyms).

The squat rack is usually free in all the gyms I've trained at so no one has minded me taking up the space with plates.


I just went to Lowe's today and purchased the lumber required to build three boxes (high, paralell, low), along with some press boards.

I'll post pictures as soon as they're built.


A regular deloading week I keep in my speed work, skip the ME work and cut my lat and accesory work approximately in 1/2. The week before a contest, I do my events the saturday before, then depending on my joints do 1 or 2 speed days and 1-2 cardio workouts. Either way, I try to get at least 3 straight full rest days. It may not be the perfect textbook approach, but it works pretty well for me.


I have used milk crates many a time. They are approx. 12 inches, and I throw a plate or two on depending on what height I want.

Training on a box does have many benefits, the most important being that it teaches you to sit back, so I would definitely try to get something.



I'm deloading this week, but I went and did some RE work.



Pull thrus

10 minutes walking on treadmill.



I was actually thinking along the same lines of you guy. Today I just screwed around at the gym... lat pulldowns, core work, bicep curls and then some calf shit. Tommorow I have an ME Upper that I'll share with you guys.


I have been using a "powerlifting" type plan for several weeks now. It's kind of hard to stay on an exact schedule, working 11-12 hr. days and preparing for a major exam, but I try :slight_smile:

Besides, I am not really the training log type (I know, maybe I should be), but I have been alternating DE amd ME sessions for each of the 3 major lifts, and progress has been fast.

I was DL-ing yesterday, and did a few warmup sets with 135, 225, 275 and 315. I then tried 365 and just f-n nailed it (last week I did 355 and missed the 2nd rep). I debated trying 405, but decided on a single w/385. After that I pulled 8 with 315. 405 falls next week! :wink:

I have gotten the squat up to 365, and will attempt 385 next ME session. I am aiming for 405 here also within the next couple of weeks. I am also practicing box squats a lot. Bench is 285 and I will shoot for 300+ next time around. Not crazy strong, but it's progress!

Ancillary work includes rack lockouts, rack pulls, good mornings, dips, RDL's and the occasional snatch...whatever else I think of...

This is the first time I have ever had just a pure focus on developing strength, and I love it (never would have known how if not for this site). I'm curious, does anyone else find that, after hitting a 1RM, your nervous system is so cranked that you can drop about 30% of the weight and just do mad reps? I like doing one set like this after heavy singles.

PS: can someone point me in the direction of info on "deloading"? I am not familiar with this. Thanks.


I did some DE bench work today that looked like this:

-Ten minutes of warmup on the treadmill (4% incline @3mph)

- 135x8
- 165x5
- 185x5
- 205x3
- six sets of 225x3

- Four sets of 8x55lbs

- Four sets of 8x65lbs

(where I lay under the bar on the squat rack and haul my dumpy load upto the bar)
- 15 reps, I think it was about 8 sets to reach that rep number

- Three sets of 5x135lbs

- Three sets of 8x75

This was all followed by 15 more minutes on the treadmill and a whole bunch of stretching. I'm new to the whole Westside aproach and was wondering if someone could tell me if this looks like an appropriate DE day on the bench.


thought i'd join in since i'm using a similar approach. last night did a me lower day:
1. convent.deads- 495*1(came up faster than expected), missed 505(barely got it off the floor, maybe should have just went for it first)
2. parallel box squats- 275*3,3,3(really tired after deads)
3. rvrs.lunges-95*6,6,6
4. 45deg. hypers w/ cambered bar-100*4, 70*6,5, 40*10