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Westside/PLing Thread - The Redemption


A poster here known as Mr.Bear, years ago, once typed out this message:

"I know quite a few people on this site train using the Westside/conjugated method and/or for powerlifting. It also seems there have been a large number of questions about setting up templates, etc, as of late.

I thought it would be cool to have a thread where people can post training logs (and PRs, of course), as well as ask questions concerning this style of training.

It is very helpful, for me anyway, to look at other lifters' training logs for new ideas. I am by no means an expert on this style of training, and I am not claiming to be. I am hoping to learn a ton from other lifters through this thread, and as a result get stronger.

I'll post my workout for today this evening to kick things off. Hopefully, there will already be some workouts and questions up here by then."

That thread grew to a mammoth of a beast...probably too big for proper redemption. It also ran dry, withered and collapsed for some strange reason.

But now it is time for a re-awakening. If anything else needs to be said let this thread be a place where both the inexperienced and the veteran can share workouts and ask questions and learn from each other.

I'll start.




cable curls



45 degree back raises
BW+10kg plate x 10/12

Leg press
200kgx10 PR

standing calves
200x14 PR


Box Squat to Parallel 275 3 5
Reverse lunge 125 6 3
Glute Ham Raise 0 5 2
Leg Raises 10 10 3
weight reps sets


I've started doing some PL, and I train westide. I usually do a little more assistance work though.
Anyway, yesterday's workout. ( Had to train at the Y. Argh.)

Warmed up with sumo deads

Speed Squat
210 for twelve sets of two.

Speed Deadlift ( conventional, overhand)

Front Squat ( from clean, clean grip)

Good Mornings ( very slow pace)

Wide Grip Chins
b/w x8
b/w x 10
b/w x 10

Dumb Bell Row

Standing Cable Crunches

Leg Raises


Great idea! But, wait, isn't there already a place where people can share their workouts? Oh,the training logs forum! And there's also a great PR thread on here, started by MarauderMeat! Well, wow, that must be a load off your back: this thread isn't necessary! :wink:

I liked how dramatic you were though. Really.


how often do you guys cycle/change up your ME lifts ?

my first year on WS saw me cycling for 3 or 2 weeks , usually working up to a 5RM the 1st week , then a 3RM the next , and a 2RM or 1RM the 3rd week . 4 weeks ago I started cycling my ME bench lifts each week , working up to a near 1RM each week . yes , Ive read the plentiful articles which state that Elite athletes need to switch lifts more often than beginner/intermediates ; I just got a bug up my ass to try it that way for a bit , regardless of my less-than-stellar standing in the PL'ing community . actually , I've even been switching out my assistance excersizes weekly .

any thoughts or comments on this ?


I like this idea, trawling through the log section trying to find Westside template logs is a pain in the ass. There's a 5/3/1 thread so a WSB thread can't hurt.

Monday - Lower ME
Rack Pulls
worked up to 5 x 160kg with conventional deads
5 x 100kg
5 x 140kg
5 x 160kg
5 x 180kg
3 x 200kg
3 x 220kg
2 x 240kg
1 x 260kg New PB
I killed the 260kg pull and probably could have made a second but decided against it. I made a PB and walked away.

Leg Extensions
I'd planned on doing front squats but my back was toast. Worked up to 3 x 10 with 12 plates (maybe 120kg)

A1. Weighted Decline Crunches
20 x 25kg
14 x 25kg

A2. Straight leg knee raises
15 x bw
12 x bw
I can't sneeze without it bringing tears to my eyes now.

Today - RE Upper
DB Press
Worked up to a 5 rep set of 45kg
14 x 50kg
9 x 50kg
3 x 6 x 50kg
These first sets with heavy DBs are getting easier and easier.

HS Supported Row
10 x 40kg
6 x 80kg
8 x 120kg
7 x 120kg
6 x 120kg
8 x 100kg
8 x 100kg
I really should start doing DB rows again instead of these but I get so lazy after my DB presses. Still, I love the HS row machine.

Lying Tri-extensions w/tri-bar
3 x 8 x 50kg

EZbar Curls
8 x 50kg
6 x 50kg
10 x 40kg

FYI: I alternate RE and DE bench work each cycle.


Have you been cycling RE and DE for long? If so, how would you compare the gains to simply using DE each cycle?

Agreed, if 5/3/1 can have it's own thread, there's nothing wrong with a Westside thread.


The 5/3/1 thread isn't cluttered with workout logs & PR posts.


I've only just started doing an RE cycle after reading a Wendler article. I kept on aggravating my shoulder doing DE bench so it seemed a logical choice to take a break from it occasionally.


RE Bench

80kg x 9

chest-supported row machine
2 plates + 10kg plate x 3 sets of 10 reps

Log press
10kg plate each side x 8
5kg plate each side (lol) x 9

rear delt raises
15kg dumbbells x 12

triceps extensions
15kg dumbbells x 11

Crazy workout. Log Press was insane. It's a pretty small log, felt like maybe 30kg. But I was amazed at just how hard it is to stabilize that thing. TOTALLY different than a normal barbell. Fun as hell I gotta say.


130 x 4

Romanian deadlift
100 x 12

Barbell shrugs
140 x 13
130 x 20

decline crunches
BW x 15/10/8

My abs are terribly weak. I really need to work on that.


That's a hell of a workout. And an awesome rack pull.