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westside pa seminar

The pa westside seminar will held the weekend of 2/7/04, 2/8/04. Contact www.elitefitnesssytems.com for registration info. register quickly, spaces will fill up quick.

YOu bastard. Just one week earlier and i would have been there. I start my student teaching the week right before that. I would have to fly out on a friday and fly back on either sunday or monday night. This friggin blows.

Sorry, that was the one weekend that worked. I have a have to ART seminar in January and the next weekend is Valetines day.

I’ll try to have another one the next year.


where in PA is it gonna be, and where on the site can you sign up?

Shenandoah, Pa. You have to register at www.elitefitnesssytems.com.

they only have the boston, MA seminar listed on the site, unless i’m missing something. guess i’ll just have to check the site every day.

They’ll get it up soon. I have the contract now. If you call Elite Fitness Systems at 888 854 8806, I’m sure they’ll help you.

any update on this

Elite Fitness is going to have it up soon i was talking to them a couple days ago. I would def. suggest getting to the seminar u’r going to learn lots and have a good time. the gym its at is the gym i lift in and i promise its going to be one hell of a time!