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Westside Over Three Days


I know the Westside template is designed over four days.

I am planning to do it over a four day rotation however this will be in just over a week.

Week 1
Sunday: Day 1
Tuesday: Day 2
Thursday: Day 3
Sunday: Day 4

Week 2
Tuesday: Day 1
Thursday: Day 2
Sunday: Day 3
Tuesday: Day 4


Anyone who has done this (or knows about it) is there anything I need to watch for?
Can / should I include additional volume / exercises to the days?

(As normally the Westside 'Week' would take a normal week and my 'week' will be longer I would have longer recovery periods and may be able to do a little more each session, I am referencing total load over a period of time)


Try it out and see how it works. I personally spread a typical 4 day split out over 10 days and have had good results. I did the 10 day cycle out of necessity since i needed extra recovery as i got older. If it turns out there is too much time between squat days for example, add a few light squats in on your deadlift day(or ME day).


If you like a 3 day a week deal check into Doggcrap or D.C. I did a few blasts and liked it. My gym shut down so I had to change up my routine back to a more traditional "westside" approach.

You didn't mention what you plan on working on days 1,2,3 & 4. I assume you mean the standard ME squat-day1, me bench day 2, DE/RE squat day 3, D/RE bench day 4??


Jim Wendler's book "Training Three Days a Week" pretty much goes over nine variations of Westside-type work. It's covers getting everything in over 7, 10 and 14 days.





Yes that is the split I am planning, 3 days a week just fit in much better with my other commitments.

I will take a look into it thank you.

Cool! Something to read before... I mean after starting work. Thank you.


Simple, Yay or Nay?
(Bear in mind it is a summarised version not easy to put into a strict template, reps etc may change slightly depending on exercise, time of day, if it is a European or African swallow....)

Day 1 - Dynamic Effort Bench
Dynamic Bench Press - 8 X 3 @ 55% 1RM
Triceps - high intensity/low volume - 4 x 5
Shoulders - high intensity(stress)/low volume - 4 x 5
Lats/Upper Back - low intensity/high volume - 6 x 8

Day 2 - Dynamic Squat/DL
Dynamic Squat - Week 1 - 10x2 @ 50% , Week 2 - 10x2 @ 55%, Week 3 �¢?? 10x2 @ 60%
Hamstrings - high intensity/low volume - 5 x 5
Low Back - high intensity/low volume - 5 x 5
Abs - 3 x 10

Day 3 - Max Effort Bench Press
Max Effort Exercise - Three sets of 1-3 reps @ 90 -100% of 1RM
Triceps - low intensity/high volume - 6 x 10
Shoulders - low intensity(stress)/high volume 3 x 10
Lats/Upper Back - low intensity/high volume - 4 x 5

Day 4 - Max Effort Squat/DL
Max Effort Exercise - Three sets of 1-3 reps @ 90 -100% of 1RM
Hamstrings - low intensity/high volume - 3 x 6
Low Back - low intensity/high volume - 3 x 10
Abs - 3 x 10


On the dynamic effort lowerbody day, do you switch between SQ and DL every DE workout?


Wasn't planning to, mostly using pause squats as I will be lifting unequipped and don't have a box for box squats.

I read a few threads where people advised box squats didn't provide a huge carry over for raw lifting as it did for equipped.


I've gotten a ton of carry over to my raw squat the past few months using box squats. But you have to do them the exact same way that Louie prescribes. Not touch and go, no rocking. Just sit as far back as you can on to the box. Relax your hips but keep your back tightly arched. Now use your hamstrings to pull your hips into lockout (like a leg curl sort of).

I'm not sure if it's a factor, but I also make sure to include some squat variations in my ME squat work that includes the stretch reflex at the bottom.

A box could easily be made out of hardware you can buy at a Lowes or somewhere like that.


haha i got that..

On a West side split it goes ME squat, ME bench, DE Squat, DE bench. The idea is one does de squat on fridays, de bench on Sundays. They are easy days so one more/less gets the weekend off. The heavy work comes first in the week when you are fresher. Another thing you probably didn't consider is if you bench first and do the rowing for your back your back will be shit for squatting anything respectable. You can however bench with sore legs. I'd flip your days around if I were you. my 2 cents...good luck.


This would be true for 95% of folks. I do know some people who got great carryover myself included. My squat stance is very similar to when i use my suit or briefs so it fits. I like doing a cross between a full on sit and relax and a touch and go. Its a light sit if you will. If anything the box will get you trained to hit the proper depth every time. Say you get used to the feel of a 1" below parallel box squat when you cut it high you will know because it feels weird as shit.

I made a box out of 2x10 for the sides and 3/4 plywood for the top and bottom. it's 12.5" tall. I've got a shit load of rubber matting that's 3/4" thick that I lay on top to get whatever height box I want to. Before I had the rubber matting I would just put a plate or two on top to make up the difference.


I get what you mean, Squat day before a bench day. Thanks I will do that, something I didn't think of.

Box Squatting, Looks like I will have to build myself a box and see what gains can be had for myself I guess!