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Westside or CW's Programs With Kickboxing

I do kickboxing 2-3 times a week now, wed thur & fri. 1h 15 minutes each time.

I want to do the Westside for skinny bastards program OR one of Chad’s along with this but I’m not sure how I should fit it optimally;

in the westside program I’m bound to “tweek” the schedule, and probably do two days in a row either, for example ME leg day and repitition upper body day (this isn’t a problam for me but is it way off the reccomendations?

Or should I change the split entirely?

(btw I’m not strength training FOR kickboxing, my goals are size&strength)

I made some pretty impressive strength gains using Chads SFM program and doing Thai Boxing on the days designated for rest.

So, in a way, I was using the SFM program as GPP, and the Thai Boxing sessions were the SPP.

Hope that helps mate.


thanks for you’re feedback. I remember that program. However I’m training for hypertrophy, 10 more pounds at least.


For your goals, the Triple Total Training program would work perfectly. You’ll only need to weight-train 3x/week, and you’ll gain plenty of size and strength if you’re consuming enough nutrients. Remember, the addition of your kickboxing will add a huge demand to caloric needs, if you seek maximum hypertrophy - so, eat up!

It’s been almost two weeks since I started CW’s SFM program, and I think it is a smart/rationale program (for a normal 9-5 working individual). The total volume is decent (12 sets per workout). And the excercise selection(s) are great. Since kickboxing (or any martial arts) utilizes the whole body, then why not work your whole body in one workout. I train MMA 3-4 times per week and on some days I have to lift and train MMA so recovery is important. I find that while using CW’s program, I’m able to recover and stay strong. Hope this helps.