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Westside Only For the Experienced?

I was just perusing elitefts.com and read the “Bustin’ Ass 101, Don’t think youre a beginner, think again!” article. I wouldn’t say I’m a newbie, but I am certainley not a vet. My form is a main thing I need to work on, does that mean, as per the article said, I should only work in the 10-12 rep range to work on form?

when i first started training with westside 4 years ago i was a total beginner and it was the very first program i tried i didnt cover all the bases and build a strong base so some things got to me but i learned from them on of the main things that got me was technique and just your basic raw strength base on max effort days i would work up to a 3 or 5 rep max instead of 1 and also on dynamic effory days i hated the speed work stuff in the beginning so i did a repitition stlye training such as the 20 rep breathing squats and repition bench with a certain weight for time ir dips for time etc. not only did this help me gain a little mass but it helped give me the strength to train dynamically and maximally like i do now

I think it depends on the individual. When I started westside my form was ok but far from perfect. Yet I jumped right in with both feet and just kept the weights light until I got the form down and built up some strength in my core. This still holds true for me…whenever I need to make adjustment to or really focus on my form I drop the weights down to something I can destroy.

How light did you go on the weights? I would say my form is a step below ok. Ive been training for 3 years now so Ive developed an okay base of strength, but as I have never trained with a pro, and recently found this site, form was never really a concern of mine. (which in hindsight i realize to not have been the best idea).