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Westside/Olympic lifting/Superbeast

What does everybody think of this split here for strength, speed and size.
Day 1
Max Effort Bench
incline bench- 5x2, 10-0-X
seated row- 3x10, 2/1 technique
rope pushdown- 3x10, 2/1 technique
lat pulldown- 3x15

Day 2
Power clean/power snatch
isometric deadlift- 3 pos, 2x6 sec/pos
box squat- 10x2, 45%1RM
GHR- 5x5
pull-through- 3x10

Day 3
push press/push jerk/split jerk
isometric bench- 3pos, 2x6 sec/pos
speed bench- 8x3, 45%1RM
cg bench/lying ext- 4x5
chest supported row- 2x5, 2x10, 1x15

Day 4
speed deadlift- 10 singles
max effot squat
box squat- 5x2, 10-0-X
leg curl- 4x5
pull-through- 3x10

My max effort bench exercises are pin press, band bench press, board press, reverse band bench.
My Max effort squat exercises are step up, good morning, front box squat, seated good mornings.
I like to use a 4 week block for the max effort rep scheme which goes like this.
Week 1- 5RM
Week 2- 3RM
Week 3- cluster with 3RM, 5-8 total
Week 4- 1RM

Also most of the time the olympic lifts will be done with 70-80%1RM but every once in a while i’ll max out. And i’ll rotate the exercises alot, power clean, hang power clean, power clean from blocks, power snatch, hang power snatch, power snatch from blocks, push jerk, push press, split jerk.
I think this program will help develop many strengths and therefore develop great overall absolute strength. Any comments please?