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Westside methods

This question is for Dave Tate. I run track and only lift three days a week. Every other day and due a hard track workout on the other days. I love the westside idea, I was wondering (I know you don’t reconmend it) but do the speed work and max effort on the same day with less volume.I know that you don’t like do do the speed reps for squat and bench on the same day. It confuses the nervous system. Or could I max squat and speed bench and vise versa on say mon and fri. Power lifting is not a priority but I do want to use westside methods to help explosion.

A couple of people asked Dave that same question on his Q & A board and I believe he said that if you could only lift EOD than to do Mon-Max SQ w/out…Weds-Speed B/p w/out…Fri-Box Squat w/out…Mon-Max B/P w/out…Weds would start the cycle up again with Max Sq w/out…I tried this protocol with my throwing(throw in scottish highland games) only i wouln’t work out M-W-F instead M_W_F_SU_TUES_TH_SA every otherday good luck…

As suggested, stick to the separate workout on each of the four days. Do the first three workouts and allow the fourth to fall onto day one of the next week. Then start the four day Westside rotation again on day two of week two. After switching to this pattern, I noticed an improved ability to recover. It makes for much better progress.