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Westside methods

Has anyone out there used the methods of Westside Barbell Club? What can of results did you get? Any tweaks to the program? I am using their program right now and am seeing good results, and I wanted to know what others had found out.

I haven’t ever followed a full Westside program but utilizing the “explosive” benching technique – 12 sets of 2 with 45 seconds rest
inbetween, with quick negatives also – one of two workouts per week for 2 or 3 weeks after a cycle has consistenly helped me and athletes I have advised to set PR’s. It is a very good training method. Not as the exclusive method, but as something to do at least some weeks on one training day per week (the other being more traditional.)

I have been using the box squatting program now for 2 months 10 sets of 2 with short rest and I feel much more explosive when running and jumping. I want to start benching with speed I am positive that my bench will go through the roof.

Yes, i have used it with maximum success and minimum tweakage. 175lbs to 205lbs–it’s the most effective program i’ve tried. it takes awhile to learn (still haven’t) entirely (if that’s possible) but is well worth the investment of time.

The Dynamic day is not enough. If this is the only day you did you will have a limited return. It has tobe coupled with a max effort training day. There are two training days for each lift. I have sent TC an article on how to put it all together that should hopefully come out soon. Until then read everything you can find by Louie or myself at the www.deepsquatter.com site. This program is based on your weaknesses so if you are looking for a cookie cutter approach you will not find it through us. There a too many variables to a strength program to give a basic plan and say do this. This type of training will only take you so far. If you really want to get strong then you need to train for speed and max strength and bring up your weak points all at the same time. The article I submitted on conjuganted training should help. This is still much misinformation about what we actually do. I read it every day. If you want to know what we do and why we do it, then only listen to what Louie or myself write or speak about.

I have been using the Westside methods for the past three months or so. I will not get into a long winded answer, but they work great. I do not even use the bands or chains that Dave and Louis recommend, and both my squat and bench have gone up. No gear use either. Get the tapes on squatting and benching that Westside offers. Seems like a shameless pitch, I know, but the results are there. If you want to be strong This IS THE WAY.

YES!!! My training partner and I have been following Westside for a while and are VERY satisfied with the results. This past weekend we competed in the WDFPF World Champs in Belgium. We came home with seven trophies, three unofficial ‘Open’ World records (all in the unequipped squat), four ‘Junior’ World records, and numerous records in the ‘Fire/Police/Military’ category. It was his first meet. Also note that I lifted in the 67.5 category and he in the 82.5 category. We follow Westside as close as possible although we don’t have all the 'bells and whistles (chains, bands, etc.) at least not yet. Please also not the I am also a competitive triathlete, having done my last event (and winning) six weeks ago! Hope you make great gains like we have…