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Westside Method for the Lats?

I am a recreational climber; however, I am also lucky enough to have a bodybuilder-type body. (Most climbers are pretty thin) So, the point is this: I want to put on about 10 more pounds, and then start a WestSide routine. The additional 10 pounds will put me at 5’7", 195, ~9-11% bodyfat. I am going to REALLY need some back strength to climb well at that weight! So, if there are any WestSide people out there, what kind of schedule would you recommend? A 10-day rotation with 6 workout days (max effort and max speed for back, chest, and legs)? Will that be TOO much time in between bodyparts to achieve the appropriate physiological response? Any other suggestions?

I use WSB methods while simultaneously training for sprint cycling. Instead of the four day split the “pure lifters” do, I spread the four days out M-W-F-M and have had no probs recovering. Sometimes my leg speed is down on the dynamic day but most of the time the cross-training actually helps recovery ala the sled work the WSB guys do.

Here is what I have tentatively laid out. For brevity’s sake, E=max EFFORT, S=dynamic SPEED, L, C, B = Legs, Chest, and Back. The numbers are the day within the 10-day split. So, 3:SB means on the 3rd day I would do dynamic SPEED for the BACK. Here goes… 1:EL, 2:Off, 3:SB, 4:EC, 5:Off, 6:SL, 7:EB, 8:Off, 9:SC, 10:Off, repeat. This has me working legs and chest every 5 days, and I’m working back twice in 4 days, followed by a 6 day break (gives me a day to climb without trashing my body). So, any suggestions, criticisms, or tweaks?