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Westside method and pendelum

What do you guys think of a pendelum that would look like this: Structural training for one week(to unload the nervous system). Then a Westside split for three or four weeks straight, then another week of structural training. My main goal is to get strong and fast, but add some size along the way too.

Many people who use Westside will occasionally take a week off here or there to do more bodybuilding-type workouts for this purpose. Just do it as necessary. If you’re not playing any other sport (for money or tuition), then you most likely won’t need to do anything like this for at least 12 weeks at a time. Westside was designed to be used year-round. Don’t screw with something that works unless it’s necessary.

Eat a lot of food, choose assistance work with a large range of motion, and I guarantee you’ll grow on a westside program. There should be plenty of structural work included.

You could, however, augment cycles of westside with a ‘down week’ in which your main focus would be hypertrophy training, thus giving your nervous system a break. I don’t know if it would be worth it though, westside works pretty good the way it’s laid out by tate.