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Westside Method and 5v5 Variations


Firstly - Who has done both and found one better over the other to increasing their main lifts?

Secondly - With Westside - the accessory exercises, tris, backs, delts and etc after your ME effort and DE method, do you guys use ramping weights or stick with the same weight for all 3-4 sets per exercise or as many as you may do. And if you have tried both, which one worked better for you hypertrophy wise and strength wise


Started with 5x5. Made gains but didnt like how there wasnt enough accessory work to address my huge weaknesses (upper back, hamstrings/glutes, triceps, etc). 5x5 will make you stronger by the volume and frequency of the lifts, but sometimes the answer to a bigger squat isnt necessarily just to keep squatting, addressing the weak spot directly may be better.

Westside works. No other way to put it. But it isnt a miracle program, read Book of Methods and youll understand how crucial proper planning is. Personally, I ran it for a few months and it just pissed me off and I didnt make any gains, then I started training with several experienced powerlifters and my lifts took off.

With 5x5, you download a spreadsheet, plug in some 1 rms and go on autodrive. Westside isnt as easy.


It can take a lot of time to figure out your weaknesses and what exercises address them best. Especially if you train alone. I've been on it a year and I'm just now figuring out what's ideal for me.


Holy shit dude just pick a program already.


i am doing a program


I didn't say do a program, I said pick a program. Stop worrying about finding the ultimate program and just pick one and stick with it for a few years.


Yea i know im doing one atm and have been for the past 6-7 months. But i want another one. i like doing research before starting a program and if im gonna do it for a while might aswell look into it more


So why not make a single thread called "Zackysmith - a billion questions about every program known to man kind that may have some benefit to strength" instead of making tons and tons of threads with mostly the same questions.


cause i dont think of all the questions at the same time do i? no....dud


Just post in the thread everytime a new question pops up.


Agreed. Dumb questions are fine but a new thread for each question is just annoying and anyone who has good advice will catch on and just not reply to them anymore.