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Westside Meet

I visited and competed in the meet at Westside this past weekend. Everyone there is really awesome and down to earth. They are all the real deal and are nice as hell!
I opened with 550 on the squat. Nailed it and went to 600, then 650. Got both of them.

Opened with 315 on bench. Went to 350 and got it. Jumped to 375 and missed half way through.

Opened with 580 on deadlift. Jumped to 660 and nailed it. Then, I tried to change up my start of my pull - I wanted to grip and rip faster than sitting in the hole for while, but unfortunately I didn’t get a good grip and lost 700 right at my knees. I know I can do it, so hopefully soon.

Great work. 700 looks very close!


Congratulations man. Great numbers! Get that 700!

Thank you for the comments. God blessed me this meet and I was finally able to pull my numbers together. I hope I can keep improving without injury or hitting any more plateaus. Good luck with your lifting!

Great lifts, man. Congrats on all the PRs.


Strong lifts, congrats on the PRs.

Awesome job man