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Westside Makes You Sexy


So it would appear that is the beginning of another round of friends, lifting, achievements, letdowns and general chatter.

Previous log

I'm grateful for everyone that dropped in to the last log. I hope you will do the same here.

Let the good times roll.


First in! That plank was crazy


I note that your first log started out with "I doubt there will be much traffic..." It seems that you were mistaken in that. :slight_smile:


like the new log title, look forward to seeing more progress


Yeah. Crazy ass plank.


Thanks everybody.

OK, so here is what is going to happen before the end of 2011.
Squat = 415 (+ 40lbs, 11%)
Bench = 275 (+ 30lbs, 15%)
Dead = 505 (+ 45lbs, 10%)

Weight = 210 (+12)


Your recent progress is truly OUTSTANDING Git,

That gym equipment you bought didn't come with a box of complimentary PEDs did it?

Have you recently bought anything from a Ryan Kennelly garage sale?

Seriously what's your secret?


Well thanks FB.
I think that not having to worry about gym etiquette has helped a lot. My usual commercial gym was just so...nice. I'm sure it was holding me back. Not that I'm headbutting the rack or anything (maybe the odd bad word) but I am more focused.

The other thing that occurred to me is that I've been training less frequently lately. Down to 3x a week from 4. This wasn't planned but might be helping.


I'm in!

ridic plank - way to be creative with the workout. I've never seen anything like it.


Your such a humble lifter...like throwing a big ass barbell on the back while holding plank
is "the norm".


Jeez, all this plank love. And from the hawt ladies too. Maybe I'll keep them in the rotation, haha

I just figured that since I could do +90lbs for 2 minutes I would try something heavier. I hate training abs but my theory is that static ab training will translate better to squats and deads where you need to hold your core stable.


Congrats on the new log Git!

And I'll second all the plank love - excellent work! Very creative.

Great goals! I look forward to following along :slight_smile:


Good luck with the goals for 2011! They look a lot like mine, except I need to loose weight!


damn it, now I have to try that plank....


Shoulder day

I didn't feel like doing military press so I did:

1 Arm Press.
First time doing these. I like them.
+25 lb x 5
+35lb x 5
+45 x 5
+70 x 5
+80 x 5
2 plates x 5...just noticed that I have the same foot forward for both arms. Doofus.

1 plate x 30...sucked. Felt like Kroc rows for the shoulders

Complex x 3(from the DeFranco article)
- plate raise
- laterals
- clean and press

Shoulders had the mad pumpz after this.


"Harder, better, faster, stronger"

Wicked shoulder workout, I want to do those presses now.
I want those mad pumpz too :smiley:


interesting - where did you get that idea? the angle look almost like a high incline bench


I saw a big dude doing it at the gym. I may have seen it online somewhere too. Once you start pushing through it is pretty much all shoulder.
Quite a bit of core comes into it as well to stabilize (I can feel it today).


I like the 1 arm presses. What kind of rig do you have attached to the wall to set the bar in?


I like them too. My shoulders are not the best and these felt OK.

It is actually a T-bar attachment that has enough range of motion to do overhead stuff. Basically a plate that screws to the wall, a bracket with a tube to hold the end of the bar. It came with the other stuff I bought. I have seen the overheads done with the end of the bar jammed in the corner.

I need to get a V-handle so i can do T-bar rows.