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Westside Makes You Sexy(er)


Looks like we are back for more. Thanks to all who drop in and contribute.

This is what I haad at the start of my last log:
"OK, so here is what is going to happen before the end of 2011.
Squat = 415 (+ 40lbs, 11%)
Bench = 275 (+ 30lbs, 15%)
Dead = 505 (+ 45lbs, 10%)
Weight = 210 (+12)"

I better get my shit together if I'm going to hit those.


Best line ever! Whoop some ass!


like your goals


You know what to do. Knock 'em dead!



Start eating more steak ASAP and those goals will fall!


ME upper

My evenings are literally jammed with kid sports every night this week. My mom took the kids to a blueberry u-pick for the day (she's awesome) and work was boring as shit, so I took the afternoon off.

  • got some stuff at Home Depot including a Monster at the checkout
  • got a footlong steak and cheese meal + chocolate milk from Subway
  • watched some amateur porn (boring)
  • read up on some ME stuff on EFS
  • ate my sub
  • drank my Monster
  • headed to the shed
    (One of the above didn't happen)

Reverse Band Bench (-20 at the top)
145 x 3
195 x 3
235 x 3
255 x 3
275 x 1
285 x 1...10lb PR for weight locked out
295 x 1...20lb PR for lockout (ass off bench)
275 x 2

JM press - kept bands on
145 x 5
165 x 5
185 x 5
195 x 5...PR for weight at top
215 x 5 (PR for weight_ drop 195 x 5 drop 155 x 6

WG pullups supersetted with Pendlays
10, 5, 5, 5

135 x 5
185 x 5, 5, 5

Feet elevated pushups
20 , 20

Good session


I think the thing that didn't happen was you being bored at the amateur porn.

You watched, you just weren't bored.


I think it was a big mac with cheese.


He had a diet Dr. Pepper not chocolate milk


It wasn't amature porn, he upgraded...


Is it me, or have you become sexy(er) since you started westside (no homo)


Ahh, porn.

T-Nation? or Porn?


Sorry for the lateness. Had to watch my son shut down the other team in a soccer game (he's a goalkeeper). He's awesome. I know he's only 10...still awesome though.

Warms my heart that porn was so much more interesting than my PRs.

So, the thing was I actually dined in at Subway. Dine at Subway...ha. Jam it in is more like it.

And yes the porn was boring. Almost all of it is now...fuck I'm getting "mature". Horrible thought.


Is that even a question??? I'm outta here...


You mean I have to choose? I mean, most porn is pretty boring but I'm not sure about cold turkey. Well, at least I still have Farmer's snatch to look at if I choose T-Nation.


ME Lower
- really pushed for time
Box squat (68% of last max = 250)...I took these percentages from a Tate article (60,65,68%). Not really sure where to go from here. At this point, I feel that more than 250 will not be explosive enough.

bunch of w/u's
250 x 3...seems heavier than it should
250 x 3...same
250 x 3...same. Oh shit, it's supposed to be sets of 2. Dumbass.
250 x 2 x 5

Band assisted natural GHRs
3 x 10


How many days a week are you lifting now? seems like everyday.

I'll be interested to see how the speed stuff works out for you because I lack speed and power. I've dabbled with it, but never for long enough to see if it works.


is the 250 straight weight? and 68% seems pretty high, but I have seen that before. The main mantra is no matter what the percentage, if the weight is slow, drop it. Although week three in a three week wave will usually get a little sluggish.


The Westside stuff is 4 days a week (ME lower, ME upper, DE lower, DE upper) then I might add a day for stuff I didn't have time for or weak areas using higher reps so it is easy to recover from. It might look like more than it really is.

I understand the lack of speed and power...believe me.


Yes, it was straight weight. 68% felt like it was right at the limit for being explosive.

OK, so now I'm at the end of the 3 week wave. What do I do with the weight now? Just stay at 250? Or do a new 3 week wave and drop back to a new starting weight in week 1 ending up with more than 250 in week 3?