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Westside lifting

Has anyone out there tried working out Westside Barbell Style? What are your thoughts? Did you gain much mass or was it mostly strength?


I use it. It had definately put more mass on my hams, inner thighs, back and tri’s and has gotten my abs strong as hell (great for NHB). I personally gained more mass on Westside than on any BB routine, with the same BF%. I saw at least give it a try for 6 weeks and see.

I have been training westside style upper body and more strength endurance for lower body. I am using chains or bands in every workout. I am getting ready for a few big bench meets and am feeling really confident. My LBM is up 12 lbs along with 5lb fat. Now I just pushed myself up into another weight class. Hmm Bummer

Something effective I’ve gotten from reading about the Westside styles (can’t remember if it was Louis or Dave Tate) is that when squatting, push out on one’s feet. Push right against the side of the shoe, especially when using a wide stance. Really has helped me a great deal. Hell, just seeing Louis and his crew in Columbus each year is stimulating. Love those scabbed shins they sport.