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Westside Lactic Acid Tolerance

My training partner and I just finished our 3rd week of our Lactic Acid Tolerance mini-cycle for the squat. The 3rd week required us to square off to see who could do the most sets. Its a killer has anyone else done this?

i always do it for like 2 weeks after a meet with the ssbar…it gets me in good shape with out killing me…rb

Chtdrm or BM, could one of you guys go into a little more detail about Lactic Acid training? I have a pretty good idea what it is, but I would like to know how you guys cycle it into your training and what exercises and rep scemes do you use? I currently train conjugate/MM.

Thanks a lot, Joe

what i did was i just got done with my heavy band phase in the squats so i switched to 40%x10x2reps with 45 sec rest for one week then did 42% for 15 sets 30 sec rest then on week 3 i did 45% as many sets as i could do my partner did a set as soon as he let go of the bar i was under it doing my set and we kept going until we both failed a set we used straight weight for this no bands or chains but you can use them if you want simmons recommends you do this every 8-12 weeks…the one week variation is similar to week 3 of what i did but use 40% instead of 45%

This was done in place of your regular DE days. What purpose does Lactic Acid training play in developing speed/strength? Or does it serve another purpose? Thanks for taking the time to teach.


yea it is done on my DE day…for me i used it as a way to bring up some conditioning that i felt slipping since im putting on some extra pounds as far as helping develop speed/strength after my 14 or 15 set my speed started to drop but i constantly fought to force the weight up faster and faster each time

Thanks for the info bro. I will do a three week mini-cycle after my meet April 2nd. I can always use the extra conditioning.


yea man give it a try its great plus in the longer sets you can really see what some weak points are if your form starts to break

what we do is take the safety squat bar and have a partner who is right with your squating capabilities…we do 5 sets of 2 reps at 315 with short rest switching stances close to wide each set then wdo 365 for 5 sets same way 405 for 5 sets same way for a total of 15 total sets…soemtimes we have had comeptitions and have doen as many as 30 sets 20 or so with 405…its just conditioning work you do far out from a meet to prepare you for another upcoming cycle…rb

I have used in the past for my fight training. 20 x 2 x 60-70% 15 SEC REST.

i have no chains or bands but the staight weight still kicks your ass.


Anyone know of a place where I can find a westside contest squatting cycle laid out in more detail? Other than on here. I’ve read Dave Tate’s articles and Paul Childress’s article on it but I’d like to see it more in detail.

the dynmanic squat manual on elitefts is great plus itll run you around 10 bucks so its not a bad buy i have it