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Westside- JM Press and Message to Santillo

I am thinking of changing to the westside method, as reported in this weeks issue by Dave Tate. I’ve been to deepsquatter, and have been unable to find a description of the JM press, anyone know how to do this? Also I want to keep some body building involved so I’m thinking of throwing in an extra lifting day for biceps, forearms, and calves since these tend to get overlooked in his program. Any suggestions welcome.

Also (for Doug Santillo) I’m through my 3rd week of androsol and have put on a little too much fat(over carbing) so I’m switching into my diet phase while still on androsol. I still plan on going on tribex after I finish, kind of selfish, I just want to look good for New years. As far as side effects, no stone shrinkage yet, and am still experiencing morning wood so I’m guessing that my natural T is still up, but I have experienced some extra acne especially the last 2 days.

JM Press is the same as the California press, which is demoed in a pic somewhere in the archives - check Poliquin’s old tri article or the great guns series. I’d say to stick to the WSB protcol as-is for a month or two before adding an extra day for the supplemental stuff you mentioned - you’ll most likely overtrain a bit until you figure out the volume on the assistance exercises (almost everybody does at first) and then add the extra day in or include the muscle groups in your assistance work once you’ve adjusted the numbers for your recovery ability.

The JM press is merely a close grip flat bench press but stopping 2-4 inches above the chest. Pause, then press.

I don’t think the JM press is the same as a Calif. Press, but I’m not 100% sure.

As far as the West Side method...I've just jumped on what seems to be the every growing band wagon. I have a few questions.

1) Is the JM Press done as a Max Effort lift or a supplementary lift? I've seen it refered to as both.

2) When doing the floor press, should you pause with your arms against the ground? It seems to me that the westside guys are rather large and can get almost a full range of motion as they would on a bench, while I am only about 6' @ 205lbs and with my forearms at a right angle to the ground the bar comes no where near my chest.

3) Do all of you who follow this routine use the same split Dave Tate recommends? I'm a drug free and I'm afraid I'll over train if I use the split they recommend. Is it imperative to do the ME day 72 hours after the Dynamic day?

4) Do you guys use chains and bands? I'm kind of reluctant to waltz into my gym carrying a bunch of chains over my shoulder. Does anyone know what the price range for bands are?

Thanks in advance.

Jeff (no relation) - I don’t trrain bench WSB but if you’re elbows are up for it I don’t see why you couldn’t use it for singles. The floor press isn’t supposed to be a full ROM exercise and you are supposed to stop the bar. Keep in mind that WSB guys train specifically for PL meets wearing bench shirts - the shirt takes care of the reversal so they really don’t have train the bottom of the lift as hard. Plus, the floor press can be used to adress sticking points. I’m clean and spread my workouts over M-W-F-M and do just fine so I don’t think you absolutely HAVE to do your speed workout 72 hours after maxing. I think bands run like $100 or some bullshit. Our gym has chains and they do make a big difference.

I have been training with the Westside Program for 4-5 months now. Excellent results. Maybe I can answer some of your questions:

1 The JM press is a max effort lift however I have been using it as a supp. lift with success, using lighter weights.
2 From what I understand, no pauses are used by the Westsiders except in competition. I could be wrong on this though because I think Dave Tate once mentioned that pauses are used on the JM press using a towel.
3 Max Effort after 72 hours. You will not over train. Remember to use all supp. exercizes at 2-4 sets with lighter weights. No maxing out on supp. exercizes.
4 I do not use chains and bands and have seen good results. I get enough goofy looks doing box squats.

For a complete rundown on the Westside program go to Dave and Louis’ sites Elite Fitness.com and I think Deepsquatter. Westside has their own site but I am not sure of the address. To tell you how crazy I am about the program, I am going to have do a consultation on my program for me. Sure it cost, but you are learning from the best.

Correction to my previous post. JM Press is a supp. exercise.