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Westside-ish Setup Please Critique

I am right now training for a meet in December. For squat and deadlift a linear progression has worked well so I am following that but for bench I have this idea. Any criticism is more than welcome.

For ME/heavy day:

Week 1: 5x5 unequipped. Enough to work hard but not max; work on 2-3 board to a set of 5 then accessories

Week 2: Shirt work- work up to a moderately heavy single; work on 4-5 board up to a heavy set of 5 then assistance

Week 3: 5x5 unequipped: trying for a PR for work sets; 2-3 board to a set of 5 then assistance

Week 4: Shirt work- go for triple with the weight for week 2 then light assistance

Wash, rinse, repeat

DE day is following the regular template, might also add some dumbbell presses with a moderate weight unless I’m feeling worn down.

I’m in the 242 Collegiate class; best bench without a shirt is 295x3 paused and 315x3 without a pause. I did 425 in a titan fury but that was a gym lift.

I guess I do need to try it to know for sure how it goes. But does this look like I’m on the right here track volume/intensity-wise and in terms of assistance work?