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Westside is great

I’ve been training kind of a hyrid westside for 3 weeks and these were my numbers 3 weeks ago.
Bodyweight- 133
bench- 170
squat- 230
deadlift- 265
power clean- 155
power snatch- 115
push press- 145
By maxing out on certain exercises i’ve inscreased greatly already. I’ve done
band bench press- 160 with 30-40 lbs of extra tension at top
push press- 165
split jerk- 170
power clean- 175
power snatch- 125
full squat with bands- 190, 90-100 lbs extra tension at top
box front squat- 195 lbs
Bodyweight- 140 lbs
Westside is great, i love it. I’ve also been using some extra workouts with timed db presses and rear delt work. I’m cycling my volume like i started at 2 sets of the supplemental exercises and this week i’m at four, next week i’ll go back down to 2 sets and add a little weight for an easy week. I’m also cycling my extra workouts i started with none and this week i’ll do 3, 2 upper body and 1 lower body. And next week i wont do any, i’m using all this cycling to try and push up my work capacity and avoid over training which i have done in the past. So far its been great. I know i’m not all that strong but i wanted to post my results, but i dont think i’m doing bad for 140 lbs.

Great work so far, keep it up. One question, why do you front box squat instead of a normal box squat?