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Westside Inverse Curl Machine


What a great video...



don't see the video?? is it just me?


I see it now.


I got to use this when I was up at Westside. It's like a glute ham raise but better.


Does the machine make it unnecessary to use the GHR also?

I'm envious of whoever gets to use the chick thats using the machine in that video.


Would it be safe to liken that to a weight assisted Natural GHR, maybe with a slight decline?

And yes, that chick is very fine from what I can see.


Wait...there was a machine in the video?! All I saw were...ummm...glutes!


It's a GHR that's weight assisted. The lever arm naturally accommodates resistance you can get to a true, 180 degree full extension. I did my bodyweight 20 times on it felt like new muscles grew in my legs and back. It really is amazing. If Louie does a good job marketing it, the GHR bench will be completely obsolete.