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Westside Inspired Program

Okay, i need some opinion on this set up, i wanted to use dynamic method in my training so i bulit something like this :

day 1 max effort/dynamic effort lower body
squat 8x3x50%RM
sumo deadlift work up to 5RM week one 3RM week two 1RM week three change exercise
bulgarian squat 3x8 per leg
good morning 3x10

day 2 max effort upper body
bench 5 RM week one etc. then change exercise
incline bench 3x8
brb row 3x8
chin ups 3x12

day 3 max effort/dynamic effort lower body
sumo deadlift 8x3x50%RM
squat work up to 5 RM on week one etc
adductor machine 3x15
ghr 4x3 (work up to 5x5 )

day 4 repetition/dynamic effort upper body
bench 8x3x50% RM
overhead press with dumbbells 3x8
lateral rises 4x12
posterior deltoid rises 4x12
dumbbell row 4x12
shrugs with dmb.3x12

Tips ? Im intermed.lifts current 1Rm max at bdw of 99kg
bench 112,5kg
squat 205kg
deadlift 222,5kg

rotation of the lifts month 1 - bench /sumo deadlift/low bar squat, month 2 - dips /conventional/front squat or good morning
after two months i plan to deload.
my friend suggested that i should keep dynamic effort work sep. from max effort work so that would be
sunday-dynamic bench + rep method
monday-max effort deadlift + rep method (same exercises)
wensday-max effort bench +rep
friday - dynamic deadlift
but here i do not know where to place squats … should they alternate with deadlifts?

Why not just do westside?

Have you not read the Westside Method Thread?


well i did not aparently, i must have missed it,ill check it out right away,thank you .