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Westside Inspired Powerbuilding

35, 152 pounds and 5’9’’. Background in competitive swimming (but it’s been 15 years ago…) I ve been training for the past 5 years with weights for body composition and general health (never trying to compete in any “weight related” sport and not planning neither in the near future). Trained quite seriously for crossfit for a couple of years. Now just regular gym goer allways trying to get “bigger leaner faster”.

I work in a sport facility with a pretty “complicate schedule” (i train competitive swimmers), but i have free access to the gym whenever i have a break form work. Usually working out early in the morning (7.30-8.30) or during lunch break.

Starting this log just to keep me accountable and to recive suggestions from other members if they like to give any.

I’m in europe but i’ll post here using imperial system (pounds and such), english is not my primary language so sorry for errors and mistakes.

I think im now in the best shape of my life (obviously smaller than most of users here but im’not bad with my frame, very little wrist circumference); generally speaking trying to get better at everything, main focus being size (i know if i would end up being maybe 10/15 pounds heavier i’d look better) and strenght (i tryed to train in a “bodybuiding” way but it’s not my thing, i need to have performance goals to keep me motivated). I eat preatty clean most of the time, 6 days a week a little above maintenance and one day full fast

Specific goals:
160 pound by summer 19 with this level of leaness
220 max bench (now 195), 310 squat (270 now) in the same timeframe
staying healty and injury free

Started a “powerbuilding” routine liberally inspired by westside conjugate method and the conjugate bodybuilding program from coach Thibaudeau.

Basic setup will be 5 days a week (ME lower/ME upper/bodybuilding upper/rest/DE lower/DE upper/rest)

ME lower
squat variation ramp to 2RM or 3RM
hip hinge or squat variation depending on the main movement 4x6-8
bodybuilding work for quads and hamstrings
conditioning, mostly row erg

ME upper
bench variation ramp to a 3RM or 2RM
main assistance for triceps usually 4x6-8
lat work 4x10-12
shoulders 4x10-12

RE upper
short bodybuilding wo for chest and arms, generally for high reps not to failure (30-40 min at most)

DE lower
box squat 3x8 with short rest and “westside style” waves"
main assistance, i think ill do mostly SGHP in the 3-5 rep rang for 5-6 sets
bodybuilding work (legs and biceps) and little conditioning

DE upper
bench press 3x8
main assistance overhead work 3x6-8
bodybuilding for triceps chest and shoulders

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26/09 ME lower

main movement
Zercher squat ramp to 3RM ended up with 210 pound after 6 sets, pretty pleased (i was really exited from starting the new program)

main assistance
RDL 4x8x145

smith machine lunges 3x16 (8 each leg) x95
goblet squat 3x10x65 (dumbell)

Rope crunch 3x12x105

row erg 4x500 with 1’ rest holding 2.15’’ avarage

27/09 ME upper

main movement
floor press ramp to 3RM here, reached a solid 175 pounds

main assistance
DB triceps extension 4x8x22

superset 1
Db row 4x12x40
band triceps extensions 4x20/25

superset 2
Lateral raise 4x8x18
Band pull apart 4x many

Leg raise 4x12xbw

28/09 RE upper

easy high reps/bodybuilding wo

Bench with db 4x20x26
Band pull apart 4x many

cable flys 4x20 slow tempo

mechanical drop set using just a regular barbell (45 pounds)
btn press 3x10
press 3x7/5/4
push press 3x4/3/6

a bit of conditioning and lower back work 5x20 kb swing with a 45 kb

saturday was a complete rest day, i fasted from friday dinner to sunday breakfast

30/09 DE lower

vertical jumps 3x5xbw

main movement
box squat 3x8x135
first time i do box squats, maybe i used a bit too low box, i tried to be as explosive as possible during these but they didn’t seem “fast” starting from the box (i tried 145 first as i dont use accomodating resistance bands but it didnt feel any "dynamic at all lol). I’m planning to use bands in the future but i’m starting with “regular” weights now.
next time i’ll use a device to track my velocity during the lifts to understand if the weight used is correct.

Kept rest time under 60’’

main assistance
SGHP 5x5x100, used straps. Can’t drop weights in my gym so did all the lifts from the hang

superset 1
leg extension 3x15/12, cant remember weight used here
leg curl 3x10x12 lol
rope curl 3x15
not much focus here as i was distracted from job related issues; very little rest

superset 2
db snatch 3x12x36
goblet squat 3x10x36
leg raise 3x12

crunches on a decline bench 3x12xBW

Monday 01/10/18 DE upper

main movement
Speed bench 9x3x110
Tried to be fast all through the movement, I have to stay very focused in these. Kept rest about 45/50". Still no bands.

Military press from the pins, about eye level or a bit lower 5x5x95. Slow eccentric explosive concentric


Lat pull down 2x12x95, 1x12/6/4x95 (rest pause)

Superset 1 (used a 9 db lol)
Db front raise 3x15/12
DB lateral raise 3x8/10
Band face pulls 3xmany
No rest

Superset 2
Db triceps extension 3x10x20
Band triceps extension 3x20

Superset 3
Pullups 6x5xBW
pushups 6x12xBW

Went a little high with volume but I was feeling super energized from the fast benching. By the way tomorrow is rest day (I think I ll do a very low intensity cardio session 30/40 min).

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02/10 recovery

Today mobility stuff, very light cardio on a bike for some 30 minutes (indoor) then just before heading to shower some cable flyers, triceps, curls and face pull, everything with bands or rope, I think about 80/90 each movement very light to boost recovery from yesterday session.

Looking forward to the 2rm on zercher squats tomorrow morning!

03/10 ME lower

main movement
Zercher squat ramped to 2RM=220. Mayyyybe i could have a little more but I stopped there as the weight elwas a bit intimidating and it’s a pr for me. Definetly upper back giving up before legs.


RDL with band around feet and back 4x8x95

Lunges 3x6+6x95
Front squat 3x6x95
Back squat 3x6x95
2’ btw sets

Rope crunches 3x10x80
Leg raise 3x10

8minutes on an airdyne bike 15’‘sprint 45’’ off

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04/10 ME upper

main movement
Floor press 2rm ramp: 188 (85 kg)

Close grip bench press: 4x10x95


Low pulley row close grip 3x12x95, last set was a drop set 12x95 6x80 8x68

Lateral raise 4x12x15

Ez bar preacher curl 3x10x66

Isometric, on a chinup bar, hold top position for as long as possible, did not take time, 2 sets.

I think next week I will take the same max exercise going for a 1rm pm. I think I can go to 232 or a bit higher on zercher, on full press I don’t think I can reach 198, will see.

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05/10 re upper

Today wast a crazy day woke up at 5.30 I’ve been working all day, managed to get to the gym just after 6pm (and I was interrupted a couple of times for work related issues during the “workout”, downside of working and training in the same place). Did a list of bodybuilding exercises, everything for superhigh reps looking for pump. Not a great training session for sure.

Cable Flys 2x20
Db bench 4x20x27
Peck deck 3 sets about 12/15 reps
Db press 3 sets of 15
Superset rope curl/triceps ext 100 each total, can’t remember the weight but was superlight
Facepulls 3x15 supersetted with band pullapart

“meh” day

06/10 DE lower

Jump 3x5xBE

main movement
Box squat 9x3x144

I know these were preety slow. I think maybe a combination of setting the box a bit low and lack of starting force, I feel very slow starting from the box, even though the weight is pretty light at top of the movement (0,75 is the mean velocity). The use of accommodating resistance makes a lot of sense here but I just plan to lower even more the weight and work towards 1 m/s, then I’ll add bands.

main assistance

SGHP 5x5x100
Same as last week but felt better this time

Superset, used 95 lb
Hack squat lunges 4x10+10
Hack squat narrow stance 4x10

Swiss ball leg curls 4x12xBW

Swiss ball crunches 3x12xBW

KB swings 3x20x44, these were supposed to be 5 sets, ran out of time

08/10 DE upper

main movement
Bench press 9x3x110
Same weight as last week because I wanted to test my speed: i’m slow. Maybe next time will go down a bit and work from there.

main assistance

Press from the pins, mouth level 1x5x99 1x4x99 3x5x88


Low pulley row 4x10x90

Superset 1
Wide grip pull-up bw 1x7 1x6 1x6
Dips 1x15 1x13 1x12

Superset 2
Cable Flys 3x12 various weights
Db curls 3x10x18
Band triceps pull down 3x30"

10/10 ME lower

I decided to try trap bar deadlift as main movement and paused back squat (I think my weak point is about at parallel) as main assistance for 3 weeks cycle

main movement
Was looking for a 3rm ramp, reached 285 then I was not sure to get 3 reps with 310, tried anyway the second rep was kind of a grind so gave up there

Best set trap bar deadlift 3x285 2x310

main assistance

Paused back squat with slow eccentric 4x6x135


Superset 1
Close stance leg press 3x12x135
Leg extension 3x12 not sure about the weight

Swiss ball leg curl 3x10xbw

Superset 2
Rope crunches 3x10x90
Leg raise 3x10xbw

Good session even though Im not at my best during these last few days. Im skipping my conditioning, just laziness…

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11/10 ME upper

Woke up sick, decided to stay home from work and to skip my gym session BUT 7.30 got a phone call, big problem and I have to be there ASAP… at the end did my workout, maybe not the best session but I’m happy after all.

main movement

Paused bench ramp 3rm, got 155 for 3 solid reps with 2"pause on my chest

Btn press 4x8x66
Pullups 4x8/7/6/6xbe

Curls seated on a high incline bench 3x12x14 very slow eccentrics

Triceps superset, 60 pounds
Reverse grip pushdown max
Rope pushdown max
Regular grip pushdown max
Did 3 set

DB Flys, bottom range only and big loaded stretch every rep 3x10x14

14/10 DE lower

DB jumps 3x5x26

main movement
Box squat 10x3 (2x110 2x121 2x132 2x143 2x154)

Decided to try and track power and velocity with different weights. Ended up that I’m slow either with low weights and relatively high weights. It results I get more power from heavier sets.
I think my best plan is to use more jumps to train to be more explosive with lower weights (more towards speed/speed strength) and more weights for my DE box squats sets. Maybe waving around 155/176.


SGHP 2x5x95 1x5x100 1x5x110 1x5x121

Las set started to be a bit less explosive, I think I will start from there next week.

supplemental lifts

Front Squat (1 and 1/2 reps at the bottom) 4x8x95

Leg extension 3x12x?
Leg curl seated 3x12x?

Crunches on a decline bench with a 11 plate behind my head 4x12

Side bends 2x20

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15/10 DE upper

main movement
Didn’t track speed today
Bench press 9x3x121

main assistance

Incline db bench 4x12x35
Neutral grip pull-ups 4x8xbw

Cable Flys low to high 3x12
Shoulder press “21 technique” 3 sets
Low pulley row 3x12

Db curls 3x15x18
Db lateral raise 3x12x13
Rope push down 3x?xmany

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In for your log man, really like the looks of the program! Always enjoyed Westside Training styles and powerbuilding stuff, can’t wait to see your progress.

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17/10 ME lower

Kept trap bar deadlift as main movement but moved to low handles today, I fell the higher grip is a bit too high, this way it’s a bit more a squat movement. Ramped to a 2rm, I work out in a regular commercial gym and I have to drop the weight quietly (no bumper) so a very controlled eccentric

Trap bar dead top set 2x275, assuming the bar is 45


Keep working the bottom end part of my squat and around parallel so…

Paused squat 5x5x155 (pause 2sec a bit under parallel)
Double pause squat 2x8x110 (pause a bit above parallel both going down and going up)


Goodmornings 3x15x65
Leg extension 3x15x? (last set was a drop set)

Rope crunches 3x15x?


Decided to do 10 sprints for 15" on the bike with highest resistente with 45" pause. First 2 were “ok” on 3rd sprint I started to fell like dying… Did 5 “sprints” (last one was barely moving on the bike) then crawled under the shower. Definetly I have to bring up my conditioning level…

18/10 ME upper

main movement
Paused bench, ramped to a top set of 2: best set 2x165. I could maybe try a bit more here but I wasn’t sure and decided to leave it for next time

main assistance

JM press 4x10x66
Wide grip pull-ups 4x8xBW


Straight arm pull down 4x12x?
Db lateral raise 4x10x18

Dips 3x10/9/9xBW

Db curls 3x8x26

Some face pulls

Tomorrow is going to be a very high reps/isolation/pump day, mostly arms.

Im eating clean and consistently these days, and I like my Saturday full day fast, I don’t struggle at all.

19/10 RE upper

Just looking for a good bodybuilding workout

Mechanical drop set 1
Btn press 3x8x65
Press 3x5/4/4x65
Push press 3x3/3/3x65

Very light pulley row between sets for about 20/25 reps

Mechanical drop set 2
Seated db press 3x10x26
Incline db press 3x8/8/6x26
Flat db press 3x8/8/8

Very light lat pulldown between sets

Cable fly 3x12
Db fly stretch for 20"

Rope curls 4x20?
Band triceps press down 4x20 with green band

Nutrition wasn’t optimal this week, a bit over board. Today is rest day (its not real “rest” as I ve been working for 12 hours…) and fast day, tomorrow we’ll see how jumps and box squat go.