westside in-season

Alright guys, so I have decided that I need to do westside to get my base strength levels to a good enough point where I can fine tune them for rugby…that is if I switch away from westside once I start it. Anyways, as our spring season is about to start, I was wanting to know whether it would be a good idea to start it now or just wait till the summer and throw myself headfirst into it. We traing for 2 hours a day 4x a week with a match on saturdays. Although right now we only have a game on the 6th, and then the next one is the first week in april so I have a break as far as games go. Practices involve a lot of running, maybe 45 mins total of intense sprinting sruff and the rest on drills, tackling is done in wednesdays and maybe the odd tuesday. Any input is appreciated.

It would be good for you to do something of the sort now. Why wait? Just whatever you do, monitor your overall volume including your practices and you will be fine.

I play rugby myself and I think that the Westside approach is good, but i would say Joe Kenn’s Tier System is better.

If you go to this website you can find info on how to apply the Tier Sysytem or you can buy his book form elitefts.com.

In any case, I am currently doing a Teir workout program that I make up in two week rotations so feel free to ask me any questions about what i have found to work or not.


I play rugby also and have been lifting westside for a couple years now. I’d say start westside now and stick with it through the season. The only thing I watch is the Friday before a game I shorten the workout and make sure I don’t do any new types of exercises to make sure I’m not sore before the game on Saturday. Just out of curiosity, what position do u play.

I know that DrSTU plays rugby and trains Westside style. I’m pretty sure he mixes sled dragging and Oly lifting in as well…

Perhaps PM him.


Do a search for in season training at elitefts.

I’m sure you’ll find a similar response to what was given at the start of this thread in to watch your volume but in season training is essential.

yeah, I was going to train in-season regardless, just debating whether to do it westside or not, I’ll have a look at elitefts when I get back from practice this afternoon

The tier system would be your best bet…in my opinion westside is a powerlifting program meant for competitive powerlifters but the conjugate method of the tier system by joe kenn wich is very similar to westside is the best bet for athletes…big m

rugger: I am a wing or fullback, second fastest kid on the team @ 6’1" and 183, I get beat by some kid that qualified for states in the 4x100m…