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Westside Help!

Hello everyone, I am presently at school and have hard time to find time to do verry good training program. I already have some, but since I want to move some big iron come winter, westside seem appropriate for this goal.

I already read a lot of westside stuff, but I have not much experience with It.

What I am asking for Is If someone have did some work(explicit training sheet in excel for example) with descritions and training for differents weakness 3 day modified or 4 day as usual. And If you are willing to share me your “creation”.

I know there are some great mind here that have much more experience than I am so It would be very nice to help me (If you already have some descriptive sheets).

Thanks in advance

I have a template that I created in Excel but it only has exercises that can be performed with a barbell, squat rack and pullup bar because I don’t have dumbbells yet. PM me if you would like it.

Have fun!


Dave has exercise descriptions on his site.

Good!!! My gym have no dumbbells more heavy than 90 pounds so bar are the only way in my gym (I use them from time to time).

I want to thank you for your reply and I would be very interested in having your excel version.

My e-mail is [deleted], if you want to know other information just ask!

Thanks again in advance Sasage

Keep fighting

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Thanks Atreides, seems like a good program to work with.

Keep fighting adonail