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Westside+gpp or OSC

I want to increase my conditioning level for football (Aussie rules), but also wanting to increase my speed and strength. I really want to give Westside a try but am concerned with the lack of work capacity in the basic 9 week program. Could I do the program as is, but add some light weighted GPP before each session?

The other approach would be to do Chad waterbury?s OSC program again. The first time I did it I was really impressed by my increase in conditioning levels while still regaining my strength. Should I do this while bringing up my conditioning level and then do Westside 9 week program or get into westside while adding in some gpp before hand? Thanks.

IF your a serious football player you will not want to use a basic westside program for your training you will want to use a tier-westside system created by joe kenn the strength coach at arizona state…this is very easy to set up around the conditioning you need for football and uses the conjugate method and westside pricipiles…i can explain the system if your interested …send me a pm if your interested…big m

Big Martin could you outline some of the stuff in a generic way so we can all benefit?

Also just want to point out… the needs of aussie rules vs american football are vastly different ie aussie rules is much more endurance/aerobic based… im not sure that following a westside program adapted for american football would necasserily suit someone playing AFL…

is aussie football like rugby or soccer???..

the tier system is very complicated i can give you some breif i deas…it is based on 3 tiers of - total body- uper body- lower body- and these tiers are moved conjugately through prioritys based upon %'s they are ranked by a - priority being #1 then major and then minor…the %'s are waved…iti svery confusing to explain…you should really get the book… strength coaches play book by joe kenn at elite fitness…big m

It all depends on your primary goal. If you primarily seek increased GPP, my OSC program would be best. If you’re training to increase maximal strength/speed, WSB training is better.
I designed the OSC program to be a pure conditioning GPP program. It’s biggest asset is the fact that it will maintain maximal strength levels (99.9% of GPP conditioning programs don’t do this). But it’s not a great program for pure maximal strength increases - WSB training is great for this purpose.
To recap: OSC for GPP, WSB for increased maximal strength.

Chad- I’ve been using OSC for the last 3 weeks and I’ve gotten in a million times better shape than I’ve ever been in. I will be more than ready for the season. Thanks.


What about running the tier system as part of a weekly pendulum?

I know that CT likes the week pendulums but i think they are too far apart to get the best bang for your buck: eg

week one
monday total -strength
wednesday lower - strength-speed
friday upper - speed-strength

then week two would look like
monday total -strength-speed
wednesday lower- speed-strength
friday upper -strength

and so on, at least this way the body gets a max effort lift at least once a week?

any comments?


Yea i think that would work just fine…i normally just follow %'s waved and not worry about speed-strength and strenght-speed and stuff like that with my football players…i usually dont have time to develop any real progress in barball speed from a powerlifting perspective like the westside method is mean for so i dont bother…and with all the speed work, gpp, and espicially strongman work they do on there 2 conditioning days the speed work with weights becomes semi-useless in my opinion… i usally just wave like this…
prioirty-70-90% over 6 sets of 3 reps
major- 5x5 @ 80%
minor- 4x5 waved from 72-75%

this usually works evry weel for me and i neevr have ot change the waveas as long as i am moving exersices a lot…big m

The best outline of the tier system was a post by Silverback, Who deserves to win poster of the week sometime.


I am a different Coach H than the Coach H on Elite… I think he is a big guy… I am a fast guy… but, I think he is big and fast… I am only about 212 as of last night.

One of the easiest things to do is to lay out a yearly plan, like in Kenn’s book.

If you are an athlete, I would either use pendulum, a modified tier system (more on this in a second), or use ascending-descending.

The tier system is cool due to this:

My first two exercises for the three days is always a power and a MaxS exercise. Then the third is a big compound movement.

So, for Total Body Exercises I would do this:
Tier 1 Clean; Tier 2 Trap Bar Dead w/shrug and toes; Tier 3 Front Squat and Press; Tier 4 Overhead DB Squats; Tier 5 Iron Cross

For Lower Body:
Tier 1 Box Squat (westside); Tier 2 Squat; Tier 3 Bulgarian Squat; Tier 4 Circle Lunges; Tier 5 Reverse Hyper

For Upper Body:
Tier 1 Jammer (or x-pushups); Tier 2 Bench; Tier 3 Bent Rows; Tier 4; Skull Crushers; Tier 5 Chins

Now here is the kool part:

Tier 1 and Tier 2 are interchangeable… depending on what the block’s emphasis is… so I put power first, then Strength, then Tier 3, tier 4 , tier 5.

But, I change the number of sets!

So, on Hyper emphasis block on Total Day I would use 4U-6T-5L-3U-2T, but the upper is my X-Upper exercise, where the 6 sets of T is the trab bar dead.

On Hyper U I would use 4L-6U-5T-3L-2U… the lower is box squat, and the upper is bench.

Does this make sense?

On Hyper and Power phases, the power exercise is Tier 1, but on Strength phase, the power exercise is placed as tier 2…

Then, you just manipulate the number of sets so that your emphasis gets the most sets:

Hyper Block
4 power
6 Strength
5 Hyper(tier 3)
3 Tier 4
2 Tier 5

Power Block
6 Power
5 Strength
4 Hyper (tier 3)
3 Tier 4
2 Tier 5

Strength Block
6 Strength
5 Power
4 Hyper (tier 3)
3 Tier 4
2 Tier 5

On hyper block the day’s emphasis is actually the second exercise, but we do the power first so we are fresh for explosives.

I hope this makes sense. It helps you to use blocks and Kenn’s stuff at the same time. Now just use what technique of Hyper, what technique of strength, and what power rep scheme you want to use… and you are basically done.

With so many different Hyper, Power, and Maxs rep schemes out there (ie. wave load, 1-6, pre-fatigue, post-fatigue, cluster,etc), you should have about 758 years worth of training just through writing down the articles here and those three books.

Keep on reading, and keep us posted on the progress.

Lil’ Coach H

The power loading is westsides Dynamic Effort, Strength is max effort method and volume is the repetition method.

I’ve been using the tier with a couple athletes and they are doin well. If you want to focus on conditioning I’d use a 3x3 tier (only 3 exercises not 5)
warm up with Overhead squats, Hurdle work, Cuff, abs, obliques. After the main session do Posterior chain, traps, cuff and abs.

A 3x3 workout takes ~45 min. It’s only 3x/week. This leaves more time for conditioning and other work as well as recovery.

It also fits nicely with charlie francis’ weekly speed lay out.

Check out Coach H’s training log at elitefts for an actual look at the 3x3tier. His athletes actually get stronger during the football season with a 3x3 tier.

I think the Tier system is a fairly good system. But I would use CT?s pendulum system which currently I?m having a couple of my rugby players try out with great success. Give it a try it will suit your goals/needs perfectly. Don?t forget your GPP workouts and remember Aussie football is still an anaerobic dominant sport. So train accordingly.

Thanks for the replies. I’m going to give the tier system a go as per big martin has outlined. I’ll do the two conditioning days with some added sprint work and agility stuff.

I also can’t wait for CT’s athletic pendulum system to come out and see how that works too. I’ll make up my mind after trying both which one is better for me.

Thanks everyone.

What does this split look like

Day 1
Total ? ME Snatch grip deadlift with shrugs / Squat and press / High pulls
Lower ? DE Box squat / Speed deads / Jumping box squat
Upper ? Rep ? chins / Dips / Incline press

Lower ? ME ? Good mornings / Dead off blocks / Front squat
Upper ? DE ? Speed Bench / Clap pushups / ??
Total ? Rep ? Iron cross / Overhead squat / ??

Upper ? ME ? 1 board press / Bench press / 3 board press
Total ? DE ? Hang clean / hang snatch / Hang pulls
Lower ? Rep ? Split squat / 1 legged deadlift / RDL

Where ME is Max effort ? work up to a 3 rep max or 1 rep max
DE is Dynamic effort ? 6 to 12 sets of 2 to 3 reps explosive movements
Rep is repetition method ? 3 to 4 sets of 5 to 10 reps

These exercises are switched each week like westside does so to avoid cns burnout. So Day 1 Total week 1 would be Snatch grip dead wk2 would be squat and press and wk2 would be High pulls.
What could I do for upper and total day 2 week 3?
Week 4 would be an unloading week. Perhaps higher reps or do two full body workouts for the week.

Looks pretty good, just a few tings,
Deadlifts would be classified as a total movement so move those from day 2 to day 1

Squat press would be a “Hybrid” lower movement so I would can move that do a tier 3 exercise.

You just need one more ME Lower movement, use any kind of box squat, back squat, zercher squats, etc…