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Westside Goodmornings?


I read in Dave Tate's squat 900 pound article that at Westside they feel that you should be able to do a goodmorning with a minimum of 60% of your squat. My question is, does anyone know what a standard style of goodmorning in the Westside system would be?

What I mean is, how wide a stance, arched or bent back, and how far bent over. Also, would this be straight out of chains or off a rack, lowered to a pause on rack or chains then back up, or lowered with no stopping mechanism. I know they use all kinds of goodmornings, but I just want to know what the 60% might be based on.



I would assume since he doesnt designate anything special to it that its a regular shoulder width stance bent over good morning done to approximately parallel. But dont take the 60% too far. If I am not mistaken they have answered a handful of questions over on Dave's site about it and say not to worry about percents because everyone is different.