Westside Good For Beginners?

Hey guys, I’m fairly new to lifting and I was reading all the programs available on the page. What do you guys think is the best one for someone just starting out? I’m about 5foot8 155lbs and I am really motivated to get bigger.

I like the looks of the Westide program for Skinny Bastards, but I am really not looking to get into althletic shape for a particular sport, I just want to feel better about myself. Any recommendations for a program to get bigger with hard work? Thanks guys! (girls)

Westside is a great program, and you will get a lot bigger if you eat enough food. As far as increasing strength and having a flexible program is concerned, Westside is the way to go. Read and re-read Dave Tate’s article, especially the 4-part 8 keys article. That article is fantastic. I highly recommend following the beginner’s program laid out rather than trying to add excess volume to the program as a beginner. Go to elitefts.com and read as much as you can. Visit the Q&A section and search past questions for more advice. Good luck

I’d say nail the basics first.

These two should help some as well as Looking up all the dawg school articles

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Also Vrooms beginners thread is packed with info
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The thread right below this one as well. Alphabet soup.

But yes WSSB is great but probably not the best for a newbie.

I say get a little time under the iron doing the basic compound movements and keep reading and learning then move on to more advanced stuff.

You gotta walk before you run.

Hope these help,

(Phill spot on as usual)

Lets put it this way - if the first lifting routine I ever did all those years ago had been Westside I’d probably be Mr. Olympia by now (ok, maybe not). Point is, Westside for Skinny Bastards is a great program. Its interesting how (as the coaches have been saying in the recent “all show, no go” think tank) you should to do a high proportion of strength work even if size is your ultimate goal.